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Mental characteristics

Personal history

Drakus has no known history other than he is a human with monk abilities of the elements. He woke up one day and was pulled into a group of traders with a quest to save a trade-masters daughter and deliver supplies, Followed along with a band of misfits, a Kenku bard, a Yuanti bard, an elven druid, a Dwarf sorcerer, and a human wizard. followed them to Larton where he witnessed "The Buring of Larton" while strolling to the city of Lythir for their quest. Just Coming out of a daze as they left Larton and being able to understand better his surroundings and realizing he has no sense of what he knows or who he is. they then made their trek to Lythir and Encountered a burnt city of undead.


Currently a trader/Adventurer

Accomplishments & Achievements

Is living

Mental Trauma

Retrograde amnesia?


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