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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Dam Names   Roʑ   Lukjag

Masculine names

Sire Names   Enusaebe   Enubub   Baef   Kûl

Unisex names


Family names

Nobility   Telékaʑ   Suʑ   Zolé   Working Class Names   Khus   Lad   Tit   Man

Other names

Names for lower born individuals include the later part of their master's name.


Major language groups and dialects

There's a unified language spoken amongst all Reygol city-states. Most city-states, however, have mutually intelligible dialects of their own.

Average technological level

Coming Soon.

Common Etiquette rules

Coming Soon.

Common Dress code

The common dress of any Reygol citizen includes the undergarment, simple linen skirt around the waist (dams), or wrap around the loin (sires). For sires, the next layer is wrapped pants. After that, multiple skirt-like wraps with hooks in the waistband, attach themselves to the undergarment. The richer one is, the more wraps they have. After this, a large tunic, whether long or short-sleeved, worn over it. The tunic is typically a slit a-line with buttons at the waist. These buttons hold the looped ends of a string of coins commonly used to display one's status. Copper coins are for farmers, iron coins are for ironworkers and military, and gold is reserved for the merchants, wealthy, and ruling classes.   Dams

  1. Wealthy-Wealthy dams, who typically enjoy government positions, have many wraps under their tunic. They also have highly decorated tunics and many loops of coins on them. In addition to a tunic, they were an extra length of cloth over one shoulder. They also cover their heads with elaborate wraps. Lastly, their sandals are even more elaborately decorated. Jewelry is also a prominent feature in the garb of wealthy dams.
  2. Working and Farmers- This class of dams typically has fewer wraps under short-sleeved, or sleeveless tunics. They also have a lack of coin chains since most dams are not allowed to participate in trades outside their households. Jewelry and headwraps are reserved for social functions. Their sandals are often plain and they may even go barefoot
  3. Slaves- This class of dams happens to lack many of the extravagances available to higher classes. They usually only have one or no additional wrap attached to their undergarment. Slaves of wealthy masters typically are allowed a simple tunic. They also have limited jewelry such as a pair of earrings and an anklet, each bearing the seal of their master or mistress. Slaves of poorer masters tend to have a simple brand matching their master's seal. They do not have a tunic and have simple hairstyles. Slaves are forbidden from wearing a headwrap, as well as participating in city-states elections.
  1. Wealthy- A wealthy sire, usually a decorated war vet, merchant, or governing secretary, will consistently wear a cap. They also will have a formless tunic. They wear a great many wraps under their tunic in addition to harem pants. They have many iron, and occasionally gold, coin loops on their tunic. Their sandals have multiple loops as well as iron reinforcements to them. Lastly, their hair is typically closely shaven in ornate designs. A wealthy sire rarely grows their hair. They also wear many earrings and plenty of jewelry.
  2. Farmers, Fishers, and Ironworkers- This class of sires typically have plainer clothing. Their wraps have less elaborate designs. They also wear wrapped pants over their undergarment. Their coin loops consist of iron and copper since that is the ore that's available for their class. Ironworkers and fishermen wear leather tunics durable to heat and water-resistant. As the Dams in this class, sires often go shoeless. Their sandals are durable and plain leather. Jewelry and extravagant wraps are reserved for social functions.
  3. Slaves- Similar to dams in this class, sires often lack more clothing beyond the undergarment. If a sire's master is particularly wealthy, they may be granted one wrap atop a pair of wrapped pants. Slave sires will not have jewelry if their master is poorer, but they will have a brand. Slaves of wealthier masters will have earrings and cuffs on the arms. All slave sires go shoeless and are without a coin loop.

Art & Architecture

While I have yet to completely flesh out Reygolan architecture, the major influences upon it are Grecian, Qing Dynasty, and Yoruba.

Coming of Age Rites

Coming Soon.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Coming Soon.

Common Taboos

Coming Soon.

Common Myths and Legends

Coming Soon.

Historical figures

Coming Soon.


Beauty Ideals

Very coily and kinky hair is a beauty standard amongst Reygols. Many dams of lower status grow out their hair and plait it to their scalps, while sires often let their dread up. The ruling and upper classes can dedicate a little more time to their appearance. Ruling and high-class sires often sport shaven and close-cut styles while ruling females often hide their hair beneath large and extravagant head wraps. Avacado green tones in the skin and warm amber eyes are also popular. Lastly, height is extremely attractive. This is of little surprise since orcs are already very tall, but height in both dams and sires is arbitrarily considered beautiful.   The largest attraction factor, however, is monetary wealth. Dams from wealthy families attract more suitors, while sires, who can pay high bride prices, are accepted readily than sires who can't.

Gender Ideals

Reygol society is a firm practitioner of a binary. Thus Betas are grouped in the Dam and Sire categories based on primary sex.   Sires Society's ideal sire is able-bodied, wealthy, and has a large household. Many sires are expected to serve in the military in some capacity, have a leading position within their city-state, and head large households. The ideal trades for a sire include iron smelting, farming, and the military. They are expected to behave in a very masculine manner and secure the safety of their family.   Dams The ideal Reygol dam is confident, speaks smartly (not loudly), bears many cubs, and is very educated.  Dams in "lower" society must at least be able to manage their houses' finances competently and manage their household in an orderly fashion. They also serve positions in government and even rule their own city-states. Sires often marry upwards through dams since they possess the inheritance and keep family lines going. In fact, the sire takes the dam's last name.   Slaves and servants are exempt from many of the societal expectations that the working and ruling classes are subject to.

Relationship Ideals

In the home, Dams have free reign of the house. They are also in charge of politics and leadership decisions. However, Sires form the bulk of any military that a city-state may own. They do most of the physical work, including farming and fighting. Therefore, it isn’t unusual to hear of entire city-states governed solely by a counsel of ruling Dams. The relationship between Sires and Dams is like one of an army and its king.

Major organizations

There a couple of influential clans that banded together in creating a kingdom while others live under the rule of elven kingdoms. They mainly live in the southeastern region of Euris.

Parent ethnicities
Diverged ethnicities
Languages spoken
Significant presence in

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