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Surrounded by lovely ocean, the continent is in the northwestern hemisphere of Azimuth. It's primary biome is Taiga and Steppe, though its some coast is a desert.

Fauna & Flora

Spearstag, Direwolves, Siriam Bears, Mirthares, Unicorns, Capricorns, Snip and Riot Dragons are all native and thriving Fauna.    The Thriving Flora are Sigleshate (better known as Thetrokrahn) wheat, Iggyberry, Cabal head, Morga Pepper, Nightshade, Devil's Tongue Pepper, Keselsquash, Dryad Trees, Yggdrasil, and Nariphon.

Natural Resources

Large deposits of Ganite, Plenty of wood from trees, Game meat and pelts from Spearstag and Direwolves.


Basically the same as Earth's history up until Pangaea, however, extra solar energy from Kolis did help to give Azimuth extra positive charges in its atoms.

Alternative Name(s)
The First Eye of Azimuth
Included Locations
Included Organizations

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