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Tree Guardian

Written by FirethornDragon

Tree Guardian's job is to protect the Tree of Life Genesis. They are the only people except for the future queen or the queen of Ilrny - EN that are allowed to be alone with the Tree of Life. Their job is to protect the tree from anything that wants to hurt it. They replaced it with them after the duel between the clans (Duellen mellan klanerna). Because the person and the royal family always change because of the Ordeal the twelve original clans agreed on.   They did it so that the Tree of Life always would be protected. The Tree Guardians wear armour coloured gold and green. They make their armour from the Shaenyx metal. Every one of them wears a spear and sword. You will always find them guarding the Tree of Life. They will only leave if the queen or the future queen asks them to leave. They will never leave the tree alone for any other purpose.   The Tree Guardians always work in teams of five. They know of the secret pathways into the room and out of the room. All of them have sworn an oath to always protect Genesis. The Tree Guardians can only be women. It is because the goddess Genesis doesn´t trust men easily. She trusts women more easily. And they can only be a part of the Crehe Culture. Every elf that has to give their oath to guard the Tree of Life has to give their life to protect the tree.   If they are not willing to give their lives to protect the tree, they can´t be Tree Guardians. They get trained in every form of combat and they must be the best of the best in their magic. The women that are protecting the tree are the most skilled full fighters of the elves. Except maybe the future queen and the queen of Ilrny. They study at Uraelity - The school of the elves but are handpicked by the leader of the Tree Guardians to be trained and educated in their ways if they say yes. They get special education. And the secrets that they are taught by the Tree Guardians that come before them are only for the Tree Guardians to know.   The team that they work their shifts with are the team that they got trained with. And they work with that team for the rest of their lives. Every one of them wears a symbol of a tree on their armour. And they are allowed to wear more green than gold in their armour.

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