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The Order of the Crossroads

Seeking to balance the scales of power, the Order of the Crossroads operate covertly across the continent, spreading their subtle influence on the major powers of Alaktasien. Their ideals of self-determination and individual freedom guide their efforts, and a multitude of leaders and agents operate to maintain order.


The Order is an agency, run by five upper echelon members who control all affairs of the Order. No single member can make a final decision without the support of the others. They operate in the Crossroads Monastery in Vorthos, where they only gather once a month to make major decisions. When they are not gathered they are scattered across the continent, partaking in whatever business they need to, yet still staying in touch with each other through magical means.   Covering so much ground requires scattered leadership. Every capital city is home to an Order Headquarters, an incognito hideout deep within the city. Each sector is overseen by a director, a position of leadership that is quite loose, and can be changed often. There is little difference between these leaders and the agents they command, with leaders often accompanying their agents on covert missions.

Public Agenda

The very idea of the Order is to protect the ideals of self-determination and individual freedom across the world, and to influence the political stage from behind the scenes to do so, and towards this end, prevent any one nation, group or individual person from obtaining too much power. While their efforts are directed to many influential powers, the primary threat to freedom as of right now is the Empire of Praetos.


The Order has been in operation for nearly 400 years now, and as such they have managed to gather an impressive amount of resources for their cause. Disturbances of individuals has lead to confiscation of goods and wealth that is then used in the favour of the Order. This is the primary way of obtaining funds and equipment to be used by its agents. Covering such a wide area means resources must be spread, and this is the main logistical problem they face.   "The Order is actually quite loaded, you've concluded"


Following the unification of Vorthos under Tiberius Vae, five officials from the courts of various Vorthosi ex nations realised the dangerous concentration of power in southern Alaktasien under his new regime. Their concern for the potential disaster that would strike if such an imbalance tipped the scales of the continent past the point of no return pushed them into establishing an order of agents to help redistribute the power and protect individual freedom.   ¬†They refurbished an abandoned monastery in the East of Vorthos and set about gathering talented individuals that shared their concern, establishing the First Order of the Crossroads, which aimed to undermine the authority of Tiberius Vae in Vorthos, an objective which they partially managed to achieve after increasing the influence of the Technocratic Council in Vorthos. This was achieved by getting a member of the upper echelon on said council, and gathering support for a policy that granted them more autocratic control over the Sovereign.   As the Order expanded so did its ambitions. The stage of Vorthos was too small for them, as they saw the threat of Seria and Pentacost elsewhere on the continent. They gradually expanded their bases of operations, establishing different sectors lead by directors to oversee operations in maintaining balance. On many occasions they would target influential politicians attempting to increase their power, and use blackmail, sabotage, public humiliation or even violence to disturb their efforts. When Hella declared a war of conquest against Vorthos in 8184, the Order were quick to sow discontent in the lines of the Serian armies, as well as trick them with false information, leading them into an all out assault on the fortress of Point Sentinel, an event which became one of the most devastating losses Seria has ever seen. As Vorthos gained the upper hand however, the Order moved their attention to preventing them from gaining too much from the war, and started pushing them to make peace before any major gains could be made, something they failed to do as quickly as they had hoped.   Over time the members of the upper echelon died out and have now been completely replaced with new leaders. The flexibility of directors has kept their operations running smoothly, if not a bit uncoordinated between leaders. Bases of influence have been expanded and so have their numbers, reaching roughly 200 agents in 8311  


New recruits are taken to the Crossroads Monastery to begin their training, where they learn martial arts, as well as basic espionage skills. They are also given teachings on the mantras of the order, and the basics of the current politics of the continent. They focus on an open hand fighting style, so that monks of the order are able to operate effectively with or without equipment, anywhere in the world. A helpful skill when getting captured because that happens a lot. Once they have completed 2 years of training, and passed their final initiation trials, monks are sent out to complete missions for the order, and to increase the leadership's faith and trust in them.

Nos Semper Tyrannis

Founding Date
Religious, Monastic Order

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