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Serian Alchemical Division

Founded by the skilled Artificer Alchemist, Kate Sunta, the S.A.D serves the nation of Seria in the Magna Bellum and in other military exploits. Their efforts are experimental and dangerous, using chemical weaponry and deadly magics to create potent poisons and disease.


The S.A.D consists of elite members of the Serian Proselytes that show promise in alchemical magics, as well as powerful artificers and scientists. The military core of the division consists of 800 Proselytes who are the primary wielders of experimental weaponry designed and built by the division's leaders. Kate is a skilled Artificer who does most of the designing and experimenting, along with some trusted associates.


While the Division is developing many different types of chemical weaponry, the primary project is the development of an artificial disease known as Morbus. First theorised from the poison sac of a dead green dragon, Kate developed an extremely potent gas poison that was capable of killing all who inhaled it, far more dangerous than originally intended. Her efforts were then spent reducing its area of effect following the test on her ex partner in Brin, where the area damaged was far too large. With each iteration of the poison, the uses varied. One could spread rapidly but do little damage and one was a literal instant death poison if ingested. The current and latest version is Morbus G, a heavily diluted liquid that causes severe degradation to internal organs.   Other projects of the Division include toxic gasses, acidic blades, acid cannons, and far more. They're all in the testing phase, often being used in minor skirmishes with Norvani forces. Results vary but their effectiveness is always deadly.


Kate approached Hella with an offer of service as a weapons designer. Whilst sceptical of her abilities, Hella allowed Kate to prove her ingenuity by granting her a small squad of Proselytes to do some damage to a town within Seria that had recently been showing increased signs of heresy. Within a few days Kate returned to Hella, and the town was short of half its buildings and population. Hella saw the use of Kate from this and assigned her more Proselytes and personnel to develop her weapons. Over time more and more insolent thrall were used as test subjects for her designs, and with each success Kate was granted more to work with.    A few years after its founding, the S.A.D found themselves in combat with a Green Dragon they encountered in the forests of northern Seria. It took a lot of effort but the dragon was eventually subdued and killed. Kate saw the opportunity in the poison of a dragon and began basing her next experiments on it. It took years before the first sample of Morbus was ready and she tested it on the father of her child, a man who was promptly annihilated by it. The designs were perfected over time until they were allowed to be used in the Magna Bellum.

Founding Date
Military, Other
Alternative Names
Kate Sunta
Parent Organization

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