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After their Defeat in the Colony Wars, The Terran Corperation began to rebuild their army for an eventual counter attack, and realized one of their major pitfalls was continuing the use of Cyborg super soldiers. While certainly effective in combat against normal Humans, they were easily outclassed by Olympian Class Supers. An updated cyborg was needed to combat the Olympian threat, thus the Ronin Project began.   Ronin are much more advanced cyborgs, using modified Immortal parts, custom made for the user, Much more streamlined unlike the bulky limbs of basic cyborgs, but more expensive to produce. A thin layer of proto-durasteel surround the core components of the cybernetics, hundreds of artificial muscles that enhance the humans strength 20X. allowing them to easily flip vehicles and punch through concrete. Further cybernetic augmentations are grafted to the user, shock dampeners are critical points of failure to ensure the Ronin can't hurt itself when exerting their full strength, a common problem with basic cyborgs due to the human bodies skeleton not being designed for the extreme feats of strength exhibited. Further more, the Ronin has built in weapons such as hidden blades in their forearms and spikes on their heels. On the hip, there is a compartment that holds ammunition and handguns. Those with more extensive augmentation (Full Torso Replacement) Can even hide short barreled rifles and shotguns within them.   Ronin were first deployed during the Interstellar Border Conflicts of 2190, and were an effective counter to the The United Planetary Republic's Biological Super Soldiers.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Terran Corperation

Augmented Humans cover
A T.C Ronin (Right) facing a Pirate Cyborg
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapian Augebatur
175 Years
Average Height
2.1 Meters
Average Weight
200 KG

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