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Dr. John King

The Father of Augmentation

Dr. John King was a renowned scientist once employed by the Global Incorporate, the World Government for most of the 21st and 22nd century. His experities in Biology, Robotics, Neurology, and a wide varetiy of other fields made him the Einstein of his age, and he pioneered, and helped co-develop dozens of new technology, such as Neural Computer Up-links, Reinvented Cybernetic Augmentation that had been tested in World War III and created the Immortals, Oligarchs with unageing cybernetic bodies, and helped with the development of Walkers.   Not much is known about Dr. Kings personal life, due to his private nature, rarely ever talking about anything other than his work, which is why when it came to light that his son died in the service of the G.I military, and that his wife killed herself shortly after, his collegees were shocked by the fact he even had a family. Dr.King left the service of the G.I shortly after, citing how he believed the G.I had his son killed due to his protests of Project:Arson and his refusal to develop a new biological Super Soldier, dubbed Project:Titan.   After destroying most of his notes on augmentation, Dr. King disappeared into the New York underground, and began a life on the run from the G.I, now independently developing his own black marker cybernetics in which he sold to underground resistance movements, in 2120, just as The Colony Wars began.   After working with underground movements and seeing the sheer brutallity of the G.I first hand, in 2137, Dr. King sent a message to his Protege, Dr. Greg Martin who had abandoned the G.I in favor of the Martian Militia that he had developed a way to defeat the G.I with a new weapon, but he needed to personally hand off the information to the Milittia due to fear of G.I Intercepting a outbound message and using the design themselves.   James L. Carson, leader of the Martian Militia, accompanied a team of advanced recon troops to Earth to meet with Dr. King and to also invetigate the reports of camps in the "Uninhabitable Zone" A section of heartland America where a underground nuclear missile detonated and left the surrounding area uninhabitable. After a week on Earth invesigating the Camps, Carson met with Dr.King, and was given finished original blueprints of Project:Titan, Now renamed Project:Olympian   After the pass off, Dr. King was captured by G.I forces, and forced to work for the G.I once again, and, after the deployment of the first Olympians by the Martian Militia, was forced to try to recreate the Olympians, in which he stalled until 2157, and was forced to create the new Project:Titan to kill the Olympians under threat of death by torture.   After the Battle of New York, Dr. King was released into United Planetary Republic custody and was given a pardon for his work under the G.I, and allowed to peacefully retire, and advised Dr. Greg Martin on his own biological augmentations.

Mental characteristics


He was brought up specifically within the G.I to become a scientist and thus has an IQ of 250, and by 20 had completed 3 doctorates.

Current Location
2040 - 2190 (Died 150 years old)
Megacity New York
Aligned Organization
Global Incorporate
Other Affiliations

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