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the Great League of Ishtariq

The Great League of Ishtariq (iz Ayk Ariotae tad Ishtariq in tayarnek) was a tayarnek state that ruled a massive amount of land from the outposts beyond the sea to Khalder and Nerbeerlay for several centuries between the years of 924 (18-24) and 1480 (29-30). It was remarcable the fact that they were ruled by the Narsion Dynasty during the entire period (even if it required vast amounts of bribes to win the election) and that it was stable (at least until its final decades).


The ayk ekaynir: he/she ruled over the other lords of the land and was in charge of the justice and the army (nominally at least).   The high judge: he was in charge of overseeing the justice of the state in name of the ruler.   The commander-in-chief: he was in charge of commanding the army of the Great League.   The overseer: he was the link between the many lords of the land and the ayk ekaynir.   The ekaynir(an): they were the local rulers of the provinces and their titles were inherited


This state was founded by Nandaeyr 'the Great Unifier' and under the rule of his successors it grew to encompass most of the civilized world. It fought several wars against Khalder and the Nerbeek Empire which were won thanks to their military genius and loyalty.   After the Bloody Wars were over (after 1213 (24-13)) the Great League thrived and created several colonies beyond the ocean, but it wouldn't last forever as in the year 1340 (26-40) the ekayniran of several important regions rebelled against the central government to avoid losing autonomy, that event was the begining of the end for them.   Even though Ynarkael III (the ruling ayk ekaynir) crushed the rebels, his state was severely weakened and thus was unable to win the Daldaarin Wars, which saw most of the border regions of the state being conquered by foreigners. After that Greater Ishtariq lost the Wars of Liberation, which saw Khalder and Nerbeerlay (in a very weak form) regaining independence.   Then in 1402 (28-02), after excesive floods and the abandonment of the waterworks because of the constant peasant rebellions, there was a famine (which weakened the state even further) and several tribes crossed the borders of the confederation to sack the cities.   After that the Great League ceased to exist in all but name, as Ishtariq and the surrounding countryside were the only territories under control, but they still held coronation ceremonies and minor military campaigns. The last time the ayk ekaynir tried to regain authority was in 1430, when the aikaneser (a nomadic group related to the aynek) moved into the lands of the tayarnek from the plains. They didn't fight them, instead they stayed behind the massive walls of Ishtariq and saw how the aikaneser brutally slaughtered kingdom after kingdom from Taranay to the Forest of the Nir-Daeol, wiping out all of his enemies while they remained untouched by the dreaded horde because they wouldn't be able to breach through 5 big walls. After their wiseman died their tribal confederacy disappeared and Greater Ishtariq attempted to reconquer several cities.   The restoration of imperial authority seemed close, but they didn't expect the arrival of the iktaalek, the invasions of the Nir-Daeol and the aynek, which forced them back to Ishtariq again.


Ishtariq was taken by Irhal Egarseku in 1480 after a 13 month long siege.


Under the Sun and over the Waves we thrive.

924 - 1480

Political, Confederation
Alternative names
the Great League, Greater Ishtariq
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Notable members

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