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Baldur Barakat

The Dwarven Empire of Baldur Barakat once covered the entirety of Western Terra Magna, and contained within it nearly the entire dwarven population of the continent. Its territory included modern day Drennheim, Azzorah, Stormhaven, and Western Brunia. Baldur Barakat began in the hinterlands (now Stormhaven) around 3,500 years ago, and its greatest cities were concentrated in that region. The empire reached its peak around 1,500 years ago, and slowly faded over the next several centuries until it's complete collapse with the fall of Glitterhame 1,000 years ago. It is thought to be simultaneous and extended conflicts with both the realms of the underdark and the wild races of the mountains (primarily Giant-kin, Orcs, and Goblinoids) that led to their decline and eventual collapse. After it fell, its people scattered across the continent, becoming largely nomadic and embedding themselves into existing settlements of the other races (primarily humans). While there have been many dwarven cities that have risen (and fallen) since, there has been no consolidated nation of dwarves since its fall.
Geopolitical, Empire

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