Brisit the Defier

General Brisit Greyshor (a.k.a. Brisit the Defier)

When the forces of the Incursion reared its head in Ilucin many ran in fear. Those who stood and fought were considered heroes, even though they may have died in the end. One stood out from this group, winning almost all of his skirmished by some act of the gods. This brought Brisit Greyshore to the forefront of the battle against the Great Old One.   A military genius, Brisit won not because of tactical advantage on its own. He won because he treated the forces of both sides like a math problem. It was a numbers game, a numbers game he became very good at. As long as at the end of the battle the enemy lay dead and Brisit’s forces still had lives left it was considered a victory. Such was the way of the Incursion.   Realizing no country would commit their men and women to his cause, Brisit spun one of the largest webs of deceit ever created. What would return to the ears of the nobles was of the great victories against the enemy, but never any more. Every story ended with a call to arms and very rarely did people not answer.   While the actions of Brisit may have been key in winning the war, it did not go unpunished after it ended. No one would dare take legal action, so instead his name was slandered. For the rest of the ages, he would be known as Brisit the Defier.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Brisit never spoke about his life before the incursion. His home is rumored to have been at the far reaches of what is now the Wastes, and no one is quite sure how he survived the initial cataclysm. Realizing that any story of his past would taint his heroic image, Brisit worked very hard to bury it deep out of reach of the public.   He is a member of the Big Three, the leaders that the world rallied under to fight the Great Old One and his forces. Brisit dealt entirely with the troops, as magical casters were under both Osonia and Balderich. He had a team of generals under him who he hand-picked for their battlefield knowledge and combat prowess.   Brisit was not only a great tactician but also a master fighter. Wielding a hammer too heavy for any normal person to carry, he fought alongside his subordinates in every battle. This was a redeeming factor in the eyes of the soldiers: Brisit was not afraid to die in battle along with them.   After the war, he disappeared. It is rumored that he was going to have to answer for all the lives he sent into the grinder. While his story might sound like fiction, there is too much evidence to confirm he was real.

General Brisit Greyshor

General Brisit Greyshor

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