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When you were born into this world, your fate was set to have every waking day be filled with hardship. Life in Ilucin is hard.   Monsters from this world and beyond fill the forests, the seas, the plains and even the cities which we call bastions of civilization. Most who encounter these beasts are met with death, or for some, a destiny considered somehow worse. These beasts carry with them magical energy that most commoners of the world fail to comprehend. Magic can heal wounds, bring back the dead and shape the very fabric of reality, but it can also corrupt, curse, and kill.   The world set out in front of you is vast. From the shining Jewel of the Soundless Sea, Sobea, to the frozen landscape of Vaggasal, time moves forward. For many, their presence will never be known, as they will live and die not making an impact on the world around them. But it is those who go and leave their mark who will be remembered. You are one of these people.   Everyone here comes from various walks of life, from a world filled with people. Some of these people rule, some conquer, and others like yourselves wander in search of fame and glory. But the path you have chosen, like life in Ilucin, is hard. Camped on the side of a snowy, windswept mountain around a fire barely warm enough to glow you will wonder if this life was worth it. Waist deep in sewage searching for a monster that has been killing innocents, you will wonder if this life was worth it. When your friends lie dead beside you, evil finally vanquished, you will wonder if this life was worth it. And the answer is: yes. You just might not know it yet.   Ahead of you is all of Ilucin, and it is up to you to make a name for yourself. Will you rise to the challenge and join the ranks of heroes that have built this world. Or will you falter, fail and let your name become lost to time. That choice is yours alone.   Welcome to Asteria
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