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Newt Twigglass


Newt was a Pixie that lived in Bramblebranch (which was located in the Wickerwood). She had a high pitched voice (as do most pixies and sprites), green hair, large eyes and an excited personality. She was incredibly knowledgable of Fey language as she wrote stories in her spare time.   She taught Todash, a member of Ashenhall (an adventurer's guild who aided Bramblebranch frequently) Sylvan, the language of the Fey over the course of a few weeks. Todash wished to speak Sylvan for potential future Feywild encounters and it would be the fifth language he could read, write and speak in.

Physical Description

Physical quirks

She is quite twitchy and fiddles a lot when talking to people.



Newt tends to squint when thinking or when proccessing words in a conversation. She also tends to twitch and mess with nearby objects absentmindedly.

Chaotic Good
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Large, green.
Bright green, short and messy.
Other Affiliations

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