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Galdrak (Glade of Dragons) is a small section of woodland found near Horkholm. Occurences of woodland is rare in the Bloodpetal Tundra due to the frozen subsoil but the warmth that radiated beneath the ground of the Spiritmelt mountains allows the forest to exist. Galdrak is a hardy spruce forest with plenty of spacing between trees, making it an ideal home for the single young white dragon that lives there, Therafrax. Therafrx enjoys the risk of turning into an orc and swimming in the frigid Teardrop Lake within full view of Horkholm, the icy waters comforting him. The forest was names by the Riversong clan after they heard enormous wingbeats coming from the forest many years ago, but they are unaware of the dragon that calls it home.   Galdrak is also inhabited by several harpies, who make nests from it's trees. The harpies stick close to the mountains and are lead by a harpy grandmother named Thistle. They normally dont bother Horkholm, and the town's lumber workers dont go too deep.

Natural Resources

The people of Horkholm harvest their lumber here and the local shamans and druids ensure that it is not overused. The deer of the woods are hunted for meat and bone.
Included Organizations

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