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A homebrew Science-Fantasy setting for my Dungeons and Dragons games featuring sentient constructs, flying ships and crystal blasters.   Once the galaxy was reigned by chaos. Worlds shook with natural disasters and tides of ravenous monsters reigned. Then came the deities, beings of divine power born from the energies of the universe. They cleansed the worlds and created the mortal races. The planet of Ashera became a utopia, with enlightened mortals living alongside the deities. Travellers from other worlds made their way to this planet to trade or to escape, and civilisations flourished.   An injured troupe of angels warned of an incoming invasion. An army of dark constructs called the Eternal Horde had come to conquer Ashera. Lead by a group of corrupted deities they devastated the world, causing natural disasters to occur and monsters to re-awaken. The gods fought back for twelve years in a battle known as the Eternity War, a battle that proved costly for them. In retaliation to the loss of her betrothed, Axe, the goddess of battle, struck the Horde armies with a blow that shook the planet and caused their main forces to retreat.   After driving the enemy forces from the planet, the deities looked around at the destruction that had occurred, and knowing that they had to stop the Horde, left the world to find them. Now they watch from afar, seeing through the eyes of their worshippers and granting them power to do great deeds in their names as they search the cosmos, in pursuit of those that would threaten life itself.   No longer the utopia it once was, Ashera is a dangerous place. Lacking the protection of the gods, its peoples are at risk to monsters, raiders, natural disasters, wild magic and remnants of the Eternal Horde. Great empires crumbled, leaving ruins, and now the mortal races must adapt and harness the power of magic in order to ensure their survival.

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