Venea Rose

The venea rose is among the most gorgeous in the world - and among the most deadly.

The Venea Rose is a flower native to Stolisia, in particular east of the Varris Mountains. It is a descendant of the far more common Southern Rose, which can be found all across Losiné and in other southern countries like Santonia.


Venea roses are believed to have only evolved in the last century, directly as a result of the Bombing of Kysra in 1256. With the release of large quantities of raw magic into the soil, many southern roses were affected. Unlike some other plants, which simply wilted, the southern roses absorbed the raw magic and altered their anatomy to accommodate. With time, these southern roses became nearly unrecognisable, hence their new classification as the Venea rose. They have since become a symbol of adapting to unfavourable circumstances, and many wear pins that look like them as a show of solidarity.


Venea roses are deep purple, with a slight iridescent sheen in blues and greens. Their stalk and leaves are a deep black with the same iridescence. Thorns are typically a silvery colour.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Venea roses are most at home in the cooler southern climates, particularly in the gentle grasslands of eastern Stolisia. While they initially evolved due to raw magic-laden soil, they are capable of growing in ordinary soil. This general lowers their lifespan, however.

In recent years, they have been extensively grown in greenhouses and specialist buildings around the world, so that they can be studied and used medicinally.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

While typically poisonous to humans, venea roses can be used medicinally in a variety of ways. The petals can be taken and crushed with a mortar and pestle, then mixed with water. This creates a strong disinfectant, and can used to clean minor wounds, provided it is washed off with water afterwards. Making use of the entire flower, particularly the stem, will yield higher quantities of diluted raw magic, which can be used as a local anaesthetic. Given its high potency and potential risks, this is often only use in emergencies and for exterior situations - you will not find venea anaesthetic used for dentistry! As venea anaesthetic, its most frequent application is emergency amputation of limbs.

For demigods, who are largely immune to the effects of raw magic, venea roses take on a far different use. Some like to eat the petals and leaves (after cleaning them first, naturally), as the raw magic has a similar sort of 'bite' as a spice might. This can be taken further into creating venea dishes, though this legally must be disclosed.

This is because consumption of venea roses, and raw magic in general, is highly dangerous for humans. In this way, veneas can also be used to create poisons, and have been used by less scrupulous individuals to greatly harm. The sale of venea roses is strictly monitored by the Stolisian government, and only select companies and individuals are legally allowed to grow them.


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