The Nine Great Sins

While the Alchemical Elements number five, and the Sensual Elements number ten(not a coincidence, each Alchemical Element has two Sensual 'subelements': Void encompasses Gallantry and Feralness, for instance), the Great Sins are:
  • Solipsism, opposite of Unity
  • Cowardice, opposite of Duty
  • Brutality, opposite of Gallantry
  • Wrath,
  • Greed, opposite of Advantage(having more vs it being useful)
  • Nonparticipation, opposite of Serendipity(you try nothing, so no chance to get lucky)
  • Mediocrity(being afraid of being labeled, you do the very minimum not to stand out)
  • Dilettantism(trying a little bit of everything, but switching before any results being achieved, opposite of Fetishism, different from Mediocrity as a 'quantity of effort' vs 'moving target' dichotomy, different from Nonparticipation in that you do participate in society, and its rewards)
  • Repulsiveness, opposite of Physical, considered a strong deviation, since it has to be deliberate(i.e. to want to be ugly, not 'not being pretty')

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