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SC.2023.37. The proclamation of silk

Let it be known, throughout the land of the Tso', in their language and others, in the munificence of the people, now and forevermore, or until it is amended, that:

  • Han Tsu'Reik, being a minister of the second rank of the Tsou, be elevated to the first rank, and known as yûluoùnjāyū or Mandarin(hooded prince) of silk, for the new badge of his office, a black silk hood with orange thunder eyebrows.
  • He is to establish a new ministry, to be housed to the left of Grand Square of the Dawn, in the location formerly known as 'without-counsel', and that such ministry be called The Ministry of Culture of the Tsou people, to be headed by the Mandarin, or prince, of Silk. The building is to be renamed 'desolation of lack of counsel'/'qeî dǎ zhuoùng' in Tsomi, and renovated to house the new offices of the ministry, as is appropriate.
  • Such Mandarinate and Ministry be alloted no less than ten per cent of the yearly budget of the Tsou state, and it be charged for all infractions to civic codes, civilities, and infractions, save that of treason, which shall be equally prosecutable by that ministry and that of war, as is appropriate.
  • That activities related to culture, internal security, intelligence and protection of markets be put in its remit.
  • The the official known as the Mandarin of Silk is to be admitted to the supreme council of the Tsou, as a fully voting member, replacing the Ministry of Education's seat.
  • Purpose

    It is a legal document stating some of the powers of a new super organization within the Tsou government.

    Historical Details


    The Ministry of Education had been suspended after a scandal, where it'd been suspected it'd been suborned by rebels to their cause, the ruler of the Tsou created this document to create a replacement organization.


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