"What is that colour called, in Kagomine, honoured tour guide?" She pointed to a scraggly little tcha sapling, barely growing its first flower.   "Aleluntait, midnight blue."   "Oh, and this one?" She pointed back to Peaceblossom, the fourth largest 'bush' or 'tree' on this side of the mountain, but also the planet, with thorns larger than a slashbeast's claws.   "Alemeh, sky blue."   "How does it get so big?"   "It never stops growing, and it has those huge grul, these thorns that prevent any creature from messing with it. Peaceblossom is the smallest in its family..."   "Family?"   The tour guide pointed towards the next largest. "Clovertcha." Then the next largest: "Little Green." Then turned around, and designated the area occupied by their 'parent', who was a celebrity and whose leaves were a major export. "Temple Guardian."   "What, that's a single bush? It's larger than the stadium next door."   "Yes, the stadium was never not smaller, but Temple Guardian has years where it no longer grows, ever since its three cuttings have started growing in the same soil."   "What is that, honoured tour guide?"   "Oh, that is the conclave, they dwell within..."   "They are coming here!"   "Honoured visitors, please clear the path for us towards Peaceblossom."   "Ha--i!"   "Amarat Veneer Junior, dutifully deputized by the Aumhava of Veneer, we recognize your petition to cull a cutting from Peaceblossom, Clovertcha and Little Green, they were planted by your father and two of your step mothers, who are from our number. But it is denied."   "May I ask why?"   "None but the Kautanissian Mistress of Rites may even touch the seedlings' flowers until the plant itself is 35 arnds old, lest we risk their flowers not being ritually suitable and significant."   "Step mother Ami?"   The petite woman walked to the bush, and touched a particularly vibrant green shoot, covered with eight sky blue flowers, and it fell into her hand, she walked back to Amarat and handed it to him. "Guard this preciously." She then continued to Clovertcha's blue-green-flowered covered bulk, the parrots and nightingales fluttering in a great hubbub, as if when she was near their home, only half of the birds could alight on the bush, the others had lost a game of musical chairs and had to circle it. She did the same, with another branch sloughing off, eight perfect sky flowers upon it. Then she trekked upwards on the mountain, towards the second largest living thing on the subcontinent, she touched her hand to another branch there, and eight perfect green blossoms circling the last branch. Or so Amarat thought.   Instead of coming back to him, and handing him the two branches, she trekked westward. Stepping to Temple Guardian's peach-flower covered branches, she touched it, and eight branches, each with eight blossoms on it, fell, even though she only touched one. She had had a spellnet with her, to carry the branches, lest she break one of the flowers, and caught the eight branches with it with nary a thought.   "Amarat Veneer Junior." Fetishest Kimi Naloli called out. "This is our instruction to you." As Ami walked back within an arms length. "Carry these eleven branches, eight Aleluntait, one Alemeh, one Pale and ole Alepale, and plant them in your home near Veneer, do not be distracted from this task by your Aumhava wife, nor your ex-aumhava mother, this is a charge from this conclave, equal to that given to your half-sister, that she carry the same to her home of Mirage nearby."


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