Little Green

"Oh, this one's flowers are so green!"

"Yes, they are."

"What's this one's story?"

"It was sickly at first, making a very small, pitiful tcha seedling. Hence the name, no one thought it'd live..."

"And now?"

"It's the second largest single tree on the planet."

"Not second largest living thing?"

"No, there are fungal clonal colonies, and banana palm networks that are larger. But those are not, strictly, trees."

"And it's how much bigger than the biggest animal?"

"Twice as big as the biggest animal, maybe half as big as it's parent. And so pretty, look at those vibrant green flowers."


A single bush, 200 meters to a side, 8 meters tall, with green roses every 20-30 cm.


Thorns, 10 to 20cm long, serrated, highly dangerous. Its parent, Temple Guardian, was once lethal to a pachyderm. The locals just fence off 5 meters off any sides of it.


Was planted as a seedling by Dan Ma, when he was prepubescent.


At first totally ignored by visitors, who found Temple Guardian much more impressive, it's credibility with visitors is rising, who find it convenient that so many of the largest trees in all Arnd are all on a single plot of land, with an attendant temple.


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