"Hello there, Clove Potter , welcome to Auntie."   "Auntie doesn't exist."   "She's not a real person, but the Adjunct Unified Network for Treaty Inter-allied Enforcement is very real."   "That's like S.H.E.A.T.H. an acronym waiting for an organization."   "Oh, I've seen a few expansions for that one, they're not all felicitous, but Auntie is quite different."   "In what way?"   "Well, just like most treaties have a singular public enforcing entity, A.u.n.t.i.e. is the secret counterpart that prevents them from slacking."   "And why are you telling me all this?"   "You have in your possession, a letter, signed by the Nameihomei of Kagomei, requesting your presence in her embassy at the top of the building behind me. An appointment in five minutes, I believe, with the Assistant Auxiliary Vice-Undersecretary of State, Wontget Bornagain ."   "And you know this how?"   "He's my boss, he'll be with you shortly."   "Wait, assistant auxiliary vice-undersecretary... that's so far below the radar..."   "Most people assume an AAVUS is unimportant yes... But Kagomine ranks are always a bit obtuse to outsiders, not unintendedly."   "And you think I am?"   "Second Secretary for Military Affairs, Embassy of New Firenze to the Empire of Kagomei."   "I'd be a fool to admit to any of this. Especially since while impersonating an Ambassador to incite war is a war crime defined in every international treaty since the Eurani pact, only in Kagomei is impersonating an ambassador a crime, regardless of intent."   "We did have the odd case where one ambassador was thought to be 'waffly' enough that proving intent was impossible. The next treaty with that nation just ensured that Meihomei would sign into law something to prevent this from happening again."   "So you have a law in the books because of someone impersonating the Ambassador of Moniq and signing peace?"   "No, we have a law in the books because someone impersonated the Ambassador to Moniq and made peace. We've regretted it ever since.  We've arrived, please wait here, the AAVUS will see you shortly."   "You!"   "Clove Potter, as I live and breathe!"   "Hyan Nary, you scoundrel!"   "You like scoundrels, not known nearly many of them in your life."   "Known enough, I've met you, haven't I?  Any more would be cruel and unusual punishment."   "Hah, you haven't changed a bit.  I missed you."   "I haven't missed you one bit, what are you doing here?"   "Meeting this Bornagain character."
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