Ty Targarius

First born of the Targarius bloodline, Ty was destined to serve in The Great Game against Gigareth. When the time came, he did not take up the cause his bloodline and descended into a path of loathing and rage. Finding his own path, he crusaded against the root of the eternal struggle of his bloodline and the infernal. The path was merciless and saw the deaths of hundreds at his hands or by his command.   He was last seen with his sister, Iolanthe Targarius crusading for an ancient weapon powerful enough of doing battle with the ancient foe, Gigareth. It is presumed he did not survive the encounter.


Ty Targarius

Brother (Vital)

Towards Iolanthe Targarius



Iolanthe Targarius

Sister (Important)

Towards Ty Targarius



Relationship Reasoning

They are siblings. Ty would do anything to see that she, and her future bloodline, does not have to suffer the curse that he has was afflicted with.


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