The creation of magical items is a respected profession regulated by House Fortuna in Crystallis. Magical items in circulation is able to trace back its origin to a brand and its brand to a crafter. A person who crafts magical goods is considered an artificer.



It takes four to eight years in the Crystallis Academy to become a certified artificer.

Career Progression

Artificers are well sought out by many organizations to create goods with the use of magic. After obtaining an official seal and brand, your average artificer identifies a patron, often an influential house or worthy cause. They are well respected until the ability to use magic eventually fades away over time as the price they pay to imbue items with magical properties. In severe cases, artificing ends in dead of the artificer creating an item beyond their ability. An extremely talented artificer can live and craft for a long time with care and moderation.

Payment & Reimbursement

Artificers are among the wealthiest of professions in Arhor'ha. They are paid well as retainers and for commissioning goods.

Other Benefits

In Crystallis people see Crystallis as fashion celebrities. They often dine free or at discount. In Duodecim, an artificer can commit murder in the street and barely serve any time. In Freeport an artificer may be dangerous to admit, forced to work for the profit of their new master.


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