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Wvievaldine Woodlands

"The Golden dunes isn't all inhospitable sands. In fact, nature flourishes if one would be to explore the wide landscape. One simply needs to look in the right places."   -Eli Knutson


Wvievaldine, home of the famous Fredwald Vocatus is a sprawling grove found just between the borders of the Golden Empire and Barrkad. It's waterfalls marks the start of the Dragonriver’s journey into the empire, and further to its final destination, the great human capital of Arcebuus.   The land around the very falls consists of hills that hide their fertile soil long above the surrounding desert dunes, as they protect a unique and mighty niche of animals and plants alike.   It does however prove a challenge to traverse the many steeps and rises that rock the the whole twelve miles of hills that slither their way like a snake horizontally across the map.

Fauna & Flora

The temperate climate of the grove hold homes to many different trees, yet the fauna remains dominated by ferns, chestnut trees and olive trees. There is absolutely no grass, yet several bushes and flowers that mainly consists of sunflowers and roses.   Copious amounts of animals can also be found close to the citrus trees and grapes. While the pilferers however mainly consists of small monkeys and colourful birds, the grove also hosts horses, gryphons, camels, elephants and the odd unicorn grazing by the waterfall with the local cows and goats.   Not even the homesteads can hide from the creeping vines and exotic flowers and bushes that the cats and dogs hide from, considering the first is carnivorous and the latter has thorns. Both these evil shrubberies were recently grown by humans to protect their crops.


The Grove hasn’t always been as lush and beautiful as it currently stands. About a thousand years ago, it was just mud and a couple of bushes that filled the landscape. It wasn’t until the Ysandrian Crusade settled down a base of operation on the hills that the manure from their mounts and animals gave the nature a large boost to survival.   Only a decade later, civilians started to breed animals and grow trees that came to spread like wildfire, as the lands around the river and waterfalls were being settled and the crusades power grew stronger to protect and ensure the safety of the grove. No attack ever came though, as the high rise of the location and the many leaves made it to risky for an attack during that day and age.   On later days, history speak of the grove as a place of culture, peace and prosperity. The inhabiting farms are famous for their food and nature, making the grove one of the most important places in the Ysandrian following, as the tradition to praise the rivers bounty has its origins from the fresh waters. The celebration itself is known as the festival of the Huntsman.


This festival draws people from the furthest reaches of the Common Lands and bring many different races and cultures together in a revelry of food, wine and peace, but it’s far from all there is to see in Wvievaldine. The grove’s unique surroundings, breathtaking landscape and strategic location is also a reason to visit, or atleast take a travel to stock up on water and food supplies.
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