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The mainland of Aralia consists of a single enormous continent, covered in sparse city-states after a Great War tore apart the vast kingdoms that once covered every inch of the land. It is now engulfed in strife, as evil has set upon it, capitalizing on the recent loss of unity and faith to its own twisted ends. Many will have their stories here, but few will see their own to the positive end they desire.
Magic here is granted to humans, Shifters, Avians, and the other races of the world through the Dragons. They act as arcane conduits for primordial energy, channeling the raw magic given to them by the Dormant One, the deity believed to be responsible for the world's creation. The magical attunement or specialization of each dragon relies on its coloration and structure, and each dragon possesses the ability to grant magic to mortals.
Millenia ago, Dragons encountered man for the first time, and found themselves pitying the things they'd found. To assist these feeble creatures in their navigation of the new world created for them, the dragons gave their gift of magic to them, and taught them the basics of how magic works and how it is used, These first people granted almighty power by dragons were labeled the First Wizards. The magical paths they trod created new varieties of magic, and as such, new kinds of dragons emerged. Magic altered some of their appearances and structures, giving them the distinctive characteristics that make up the many races populating this vast land. However, many dragons were killed in the Great War by armies creating and training magically enhanced Dragonslayers to weaken their enemies' magic. The genocide of dragons still has its effects to this day, and magic, while still quite powerful, is significantly weaker and rarer than it has ever been.
Of the various adventures occurring in this land, one takes place in the current year, 1578. It stars an ever-changing party of adventurers guided by their past and shoved around by its effects on the present. At the moment, this party consists of Asra Earthcrest, Archazon Tirius, Fenrir Lupinus, Laumus Kelrinn, a dragon's son named Regulus, and a perky dream elemental people refer to as Ele.
Their journey so far has been fraught with tragedy and hardship, and they have lost several allies on their path. Such lost allies, whether they were killed, taken away, or simply left to follow their own path, are always remembered, though not always positively. Romario Penscerox,Tinder, Carnelia, Taiyou Asukawa, Rizel Earthcrest, and Gowash are among the departed. Romario left to follow his own journey shortly after Rizel's death. Tinder was murdered in Broadwood Inn by Gowash with spikes forged from shadow after she was burned alive by Taiyou's flame. Carnelia died of poisoning and magical exhaustion after picking a fight with an assassin that, while undead, was an expert at their job. Taiyou simply left to return home and recover after Tinder's death, which he was mostly reponsible for. Rizel was killed by the Wrath Demon, Insidias, though his death allowed Asra, Arc, Tinder, and Romario to exit Insidias's illusory world alive.

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