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A Reel Problem

Halloween is our busiest time of year, I'm in the middle of the Himalayas hunting down the "Not-Yeti"— a yeti with the power to reverse time— and the last thing I need right now is for Ekaj to be sowing chaos and confusion at HQ. I got some kind of email from him that's apparently been sent to just about everyone there! It's not even particularly funny! I tried to call him but the Jims tell me he's been locked in his office for days now and I suspect he's snuck another anomaly from containment to aid in his current prank.   So, Nadalia, I'm handing this one to you— as director of Containment, you really need to stop letting Ekaj get the best of you. I don't care if he promised to get you that sandwich back, don't release anomalies for Ekaj. Also stop looking for the sandwich, and for the love of god put it back in containment if Ekaj really did get it out for you. The thing was whispering demonic secrets into your ear, and I think it was roast beef which is frankly disgusting.  
— Bin Folks, Administrator
I haven't seen Ekaj since he tried to play matchmaker for the peanut butter man and the jelly man last month. This has nothing to do with me and I did not retrieve Hoagie from containment. If Ekaj is involved with an anomaly, it's something from outside the foundation. I will look into it.   Also Hoagie is made of better stuff than roast beef, Bin, you owe them an apology.
— Nadalia Trent, Containment Director


Days til Halloween


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Oct 29, 2023 20:18 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Heeey, what's wrong with a roast beef sandwich?!

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