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Firadas Prairie

The Firadas Prairie is the ancestral homeland of all Humans. The expansive, flat areas are extremely dangerous, with the tall grass making it hard to see dangerous predators. As a result most Human settlements are located on the large hills and mounds that are scattered across the prairie, with those of higher rank or greater wealth living higher up in the settlement. These settlements are connected by a series of roads, which few would dare to travel alone.


Located in the heart of Tamerea , the Firadas Prairie was relatively flat, with low, gentle hills, prairie potholes that dot the landscape and several rivers that break up the region by flowing through the region on their way to the seas from the Dura Mountains .

Ecosystem Cycles

The prairie is a dangerous area during the dry season, for even the slightest spark can result in a raging wildfire that races across the landscape. Those that can't find a burrow or water source are devoured by the flames, and any vegetation is reduced to ash.   Not all is hopeless however, the ash acts as fertilizer, encouraging new plant growth to cover the ground within days. Many herbivores are attracted to the succulent new growth, and will travel far distances once they smell ash and smoke. Carnivores are attracted to the charred corpses of those that couldn't escape the flames, and will gorge themselves to the point of being nearly docile.

Fauna & Flora

At first glance one could assume that the Firadas Prairie has little to offer in terms of flora and fauna, with nothing but tall grass being seen as far as as the eye can see, but this is far from the truth. Hidden within the grass is a wide variety of species, from grasses, flowers, drakes, hyenas, bovids, gophers, tortoises, and much more.   The most dominant grass in the region is Sun Grass, the tallest grass species in the world. It can grow taller than five humans standing on the shoulders of one another, and makes it near impossible to see predators approaching until it is too late. Sun Grass isn't the only grass that grows on the prairie, with there being dozens of species.   While this region is dominated by prairies, small islands of trees are scattered about, and are common along the banks of the rivers.

Natural Resources

The fertile soil of this region allows the inhabitants to not only grow a diverse bounty of crops, but to support the raising of several different types of livestock.
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