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'Tree Scaling Races'

Life high above the ground makes it hard or even dangerous to play games involving balls or racing, so the Wood Elves had to invent their own games. One of these games is the 'Tree Scaling Races'. Loved by children and young adults, this form of racing satisfies one's competitiveness by allowing them to scale a specific tree that has safety netting and pre-painted finish lines.


Competitors start at a thin platform attached to a tree. They must wait for a ref to signal the start of the race at which they start scaling the tree. Participants in the race are not allowed the use of any tools. and must rely on their own strength to scale the tree. They must climb to a specific height on the tree to win. Usually trees that are used for these races have different heights marked off with paint. Afterwards the competitors will leap off the tree and fall to the safety of the net.   If anyone loses their grip and falls, they will be caught by safety netting that is set up above the starting platform and tightened to the tree after the competitors pass it.   Competitors must keep a certain distance from others when racing. This is because if they lose their grip and fall, they don't knock another off the tree or land on them on the safety netting. Intentionally trying to knock another competitor off the tree will disqualify a competitor.


'Tree Scale Racing' can have anywhere from 2 competitors to a dozen, depending on the size of the tree. There is also at least 2 refs, one of the ground to start the race, and one perched at the same height as the finish line, to determine the winner in the case of a close race.

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Cover image: by NorthWhiteWolf


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