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'Grass Stalkers'

A very secretive community of Humans that shun the hilltops other humans seek safety on, and instead live out in the tall grasses of the Firadas Prairie. They are rarely seen by outsiders, by are mostly seen on rarely traveled merchant roads and game trails. When spotted they tend to retreat back into the grass.


Culture and cultural heritage

'Grass Stalkers' venerate the drakes of the prairie, and incorporate them into nearly every aspect of their lives.

Average technological level

While the founding families of Drakeden claim to be the ones who originally domesticated drakes , it was actually the 'Grass Stalkers' that fist domesticated them, centuries before Drakeden was even built. When the founding families came to the region to settle it, they got into many conflicts with the local 'Grass Stalkers', and eventually many of the men were killed, and the women and children were captured. The survivors were forced to teach the founding families how they raised and trained the fierce but loyal drakes To this day 'Grass Stalkers' despise Drakeden.

Common Dress code

Grass Stalkers seem to wear outfits made of leathers covered in grasses for camoflague.

Historical figures

The Drake Mother is a near mythical figure that is credited with domesticating the first Drakes. It was said that she was able to transform into a drake and spent much of her time among the wild drakes, hunting, traveling, playing, and even mating with them. The resulting children were the first domestic drakes, and were fiercely loyal to their mother's clan.
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