Asiran 'Identity Masks'

A mask carried by the Asirans, it is given to them at birth and buried with them or displayed on their graves or in homes when they die. It is considered extremely offensive and taboo to touch someone's Masas, and unthinkable to steal it. The Masas represents the identity and very soul of the Asiran it belongs to, to steal it would be tantamount to stealing a piece of their soul and robbing them of their self. The idea of a Masas'soas being broken or destroyed is so horrifying and sickening for the Asiran that even mentioning it can get somebody thrown out of an establishment or shunned, those that are victims of their Masas being destroyed are often the subject of rumors and hushed whispers. Often being met with quiet sympathy and treated almost as if they've already died.   Taking great pride in their Masas, Asirans like to display them usually wearing them on their hips or attached to their bag. They do not fear carrying them into battle against their own as even thieves, bandits, and other such criminals won't even break a Masas. Even the Masas of a sworn enemy is off limits.   Because of this the act of hiding ones Masas is seen as cowardly and shameful, Asirans are ment to be proud of who they are and the Masas is that in physical form.


Inspired by the face of Azi, the Ancient that created them, the Asirans crafted plain white makes to wear over their faces. Over time each of the masked became marred and unique to each individual, this then evolved into adding life events and achievements to it to broadcast your accomplishments. Today each Asiran receives a plain white mask at birth and are allowed to decorate it as they wish as they age.


Each mask represents the identity of the holder, every addition to it signifying a trait whether physical or mental. One can gather a broad idea of an Asirans personality and experiences by looking at their Masas, but would have to ask them to explain the details as each one holds a different meaning to each person.

Components and tools

Every mask starts off the same, a slightly curved oval disk with stilted rectangle eye holes and a pale off white. Anything can be added to the mask, common items include feathers, twine, leather, beads, paint, and claws. Asirans will often carve designs into their Masas, and even words.


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