Anareta : Flowers of Nufano

Cycle 151

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Welcome to Anareta

  For 15000 cycles, the Pyxis Globula stood witness to the ruined legacy of the fallen Precursors. In their wake, civilizations rose and fell, spreading along ancient hyperlanes, which gradually faded, making travel slow, expensive and dangerous.   Eventually, younger species invented Dive-Drives to regain FTL ability. Ships soared once more through the Void, bringing worlds ever closer together. This incredible era was overshadowed by a dark truth : using the most powerful dive-drives resulted in the slow but certain destruction of Hyperspace, the abyssal dimension swum through with every jump.   Without warning, hostile fae-like beings from Hyperspace, given the moniker of Oberon, emerged in a torrent of arcane fire. Within 50 cycles, system after system had fallen to eternal darkness.   Out of the jaws of impending annihilation, a secret society directed by the Runewarden led millions of survivors to three hidden Precursor Arks. These blessed few left their galaxy behind, using the Ark's incredible dive-drives to initiate the Great Jump, warping away in search of a new home. For these pioneers of fortune, a new future begins in the worlds of the faraway cloud known as the Circinus Stream...

Shoot for the Stars

Welcome to the Circinus Stream, a magellanic speck nested within the Pinwheel Cluster. Its colonies are the culmination of 150 cycles of unprecedented efforts towards establishing an extra-galactic foothold out of three Ark ships.
  The goal is not merely to survive, but to thrive.
  Play as a noble, mystic Boshaari, a pioneer herding space whales, or a brutish Hhrot with a big phaser on your hip. Or would you rather be a Coalition biohacker looking to ruffle some feathers? A Pact World citizen looking for a new beginning? A witchwarper intent on using the Arks' secrets to reclaim your lost home...
  The Circinus Stream is a sector designed for sandbox play. Starfinder is this setting's system of choice, even though the lore is homebrew..

Key Concepts and Events

    The Great JumpDive DrivesYoni Arks & The SeedlingEmbassy Station  

Colonial Powers of the Stream

Boshaari Senate Mewei Domain
Hiderid Grand Coalition Hhrot Dominion Free Zaalan Tribes

Minor Factions & Guilds

Vi's Fixmen Express Courier Services Cult of the All-Code Starlyft, Inc. Order of Solaris

Regions & Sectors