Forced Kata Extraction

Forced kata extraction is a means of breaking the kata bonds in biological organisms in order to transform it into energy. This form of kata extraction results in the death of the subject organism, and is illegal within the boundaries of the Amnari Alliance. The exact process of extraction was initially developed in the territories of the Empire of Basat during the Era of the Five Empires, although there is some suggestion in mid-Imperial Keshwari documents that a similar process had been developed in the Central Tir somewhat earlier than this. The means of extracting kata by forced kata bond snapping is illegal because of the damage it causes to the host organism, and the nature of the resulting kata. Kata produced by forced bond-snapping is unstable and can cause unpredictable results, especially if used by sentient species, such as Humans or Dragons.

Due to it being banned within the Amnari Alliance, not much is known about the discovery, development, and use of this form of kata technology. This was at least true up until the Amnari began to develop contact with the Nischsh and the Stomish, north of the Nas Iscan borders. Much of what is understood about its discovery and development during the Era of the Five Empires is speculative from the Amnari perspective, and largely based on documents recovered from the ruins at Cir Nacayjil, the City of the White Tree, and the former Central Tir (now Amin Duum. Amnari authorities are now aware that the technology has been re-discovered and is in development in Nischsh and Stomish territories.

Documents relating to the early stages of The Gap War suggest that forced kata extraction was either discovered or first developed in the City of the White Tree, which belonged to none of the Five Empires. The key name associated with the technology in this documentation is the inventor, Tallat, who is known to have worked with various Basati organisations after four of the empires discovered that a god had been reborn in Keshwar itself.
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