Amin Duum


Amin Duum is the first and largest of the seven Amnari city states. It is regarded as the central hub of all Amnari activity, despite the growing power and importance of the other six city states. Its founding date is synonymous with the founding of Amnar itself, and the “Amnari” or “Second” Age is considered to start from the carving of the First Declaration in the Taijis Nil, the Great Library in Amin Duum’s Holy Complex. This moment marked the end of the Age of the Five Empires, the end of the Five Empires’ Last War, after Isha became the first Guardian, took the title of High Ashad, and took on the task of providing continual protection to the rest of the world.


Amin Duum is in fact composed of three conjoined settlements. The first is the High City, which surrounds the Holy Complex and the Gap Chamber; the second is the Lower City, further north along the River Duma; the third is the South City, which is further north again. The name of the South City, while seeming strange given Amin Duum’s focal point in the High City, is in fact taken from the fact that it is named for the Southern Cataract of the River Duma, and not its geographical relationship to the High City.


Amin Duum is built into the walls of a massive sheer-walled canyon, which is at its tallest and narrowest at the southern end. This is where the River Duma drops several hundred feet from the Plain above to the canyon floor below. The East Wall contains the Servants’ Hall, Taijis Nil, and Guardian Defender’s quarters, as well as the kitchens and service corridors of the Holy Complex. The West Wall contains the Amin Duum Academy, dormitories, and the Dedicated Gap and Academic Infirmary. 

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  Ashad Amin    Amin Duum Holy Complex    Dedicated Gap and Academic Infirmary
Founding Date
Circa 0 AA/SA
Inhabitant Demonym
Dumke, Dumka
Location under
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank


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