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The Void, also known as the Far Realm, is the impossible dimension that lies beyond the boundary of the Universe. It is not travelled by creatures of the Universe and few even know of its existence. It is a dimension in which the six laws of creation do not apply. In fact, the Void might be an universe or multiverse unto itself with its own physical and magical laws.   The Void is home to the Old Gods. These unknowable entities are powerful beyond comprehension but -- perhaps luckily -- rarely if ever endeavor to influence the Universe. However, where stray energies of the Void leak into the Universe, strange and unnatural occurences can be seen, and the laws of creation itself can become twisted, shaping the world and its creatures into something that not even Magic could make. The immaterial essence of the Void is known as negative energy, and it is believed to give rise to Undeath and necromancy. Aberrations such as aboleths and mind flayers are species that were born in the Void -- or were created by the Old Gods into the Universe some unknown eons ago.
Other names
Far Realm, Sea of Madness
Included locations
Unknown amount of alien worlds
Old Gods (suspected)


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