Natural Magic

An unstoppable force

Magic is a natural force that was brought to the world by Dragons shortly after it was created. It is the ability to draw energy from the five elements in the world or from oneself, and then use it to achieve different purposes.  


Magic was created by dragons. At first, it was raw energy that was easy to see and manipulate. This form of magic was very wild and invasive, more often than not damaging.
Shortly after, while the word was still in an early stage, the dragons broke it down to the five bases from which they were going to build it.
  Magic was far more invasive than it currently is; as a result, the entire planet developed differently because of the magic interfering with the process. It was also available to all beings, but dragons forgot to taught them certain aspects of this force, like the fact that one can only hold so much magic energy inside them before collapsing; hence, it was common to see creatures who succumbed to this power and became abominations.   After this, the Elder Dragons determined that the creatures from this world did not deserve the gift of magic. Or at least, not by birth.
Immediately after this, Magic Shards were created so that the, now unused, magic power around the world didn't go to waste.   Soon enough, the Five Elements soon had their own sets of rules, and to this day it is still being polished.  


  1. Magic is a force of its own; one must have the will to manipulate it and face the consequences of its usage
  2. If a being is not magical, it must have a Magic Shard with it to be able to use magic
  3. A being has full access to its entire magic power from the very beginning. Now, whether or not they're able to use it as they see fit...

Using magic energy

From the outside

The most common way of using magic. This kind of energy is everywhere, and it even grows stronger in certain places.
To manipulate it, the user must have strong willpower and some level of physical strength. The magic then enters their body and remains there for at least 3 hours, depending on how much magic is inside the person. Otherwise, the user is able to expel that magic through their hands or feet for any purposes they see fit.

Another way of using magic energy outside of a being's body is by manipulating this energy without first making it go inside the body. Though it is harder to use and move it at will, the raw power makes for really good defensive and offensive purposes, and makes it possible to materialize it, being that the most skilled users are able to solidify it and use it to hit their opponent. Another common usage is to lift objects, even if moving them is another problem entirely.

A user cannot, no matter how hard they try to, hoard magic power; eventually, it will disappear.  

From the inside

Every being has a level of magic energy inside, which depends on the species, dragons being the ones with the most magic energy inside themselves. Usage of this energy is seen when the magic around is too weak to be put to effective use, or when a magic user wants to access a source of energy which will respond to their every command precisely.
Magic that comes from inside the user is usually the one that's easiest to manipulate, resulting in better use; however, it is limited, and if too much magic is used the user will likely find themselves defenseless.  


Draconic Cultures

Since magic was created by dragons, every draconic culture respects it.
The Eastern draconic villages jump straight to the practical side of this art, starting at around age 13 with basic teachings about channeling and releasing magic. The Southern draconic villages start teaching their members at around age 5, with the first lessons being purely theoretical, and they only get to the practical side once they turn 16. The Northwestern draconic villages keep magic a secret from their members until they succeed in their coming of age ceremony.

Nomadic cultures

Nomadic cultures tend to ignore magic, given their origins and their lack of experience with it. However, what they do know about magic is that it can be used to hurt others, so they reject magic and what it represents. As time went by, the real reason for this hatred was forgotten, and some tribes have even started to accept it.


Being direct descendants from the nomadic cultures, they also doubt magic and its trustworthiness, though they have recently started to pursue ways of using magic, including hunting down Magic Shard Dragons. Currently, welathy people are seeing the potential in magic, so apart from financially supporting the Dragon Hunters, they're beginning to build 'Magic Academies', despite their own lack of knowledge in the subject.
Table of Contents
Metaphysical, Astral

The basics

  1. Magic comes from within the user. This means that the magic they're able to use depends on how much energy the user can allow to run through their body. If they use more magic than they can afford, their body will start fading away.
  2. Magic responds to emotions. Each element has a particular emotion linked to them, and the element becomes stronger.
  3. Regarding the last point, anger is the wildest of emotions. Magic increases greatly under the influence of anger, and can casue someone to become a subject of Wroth.
  4. It is the nature of magic to be unpredictable. Although it can certainly be tamed, one must be able to use all its power from the very beggining, the hardest task being to be able to use small fractions of one's power at will.


  • Despite being the most recent type of dragons, Magic Shard dragons are one of, if not the, most respected dragons because of their key role in protecting magic and allowing other beings to use it
  • Magic was created merely to show off
  • It has a gentle touch to it; but you wouldn't know it, since it can't be touched
  • Natural magic typically manifests itself as green or violet lights

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You've put a lot of thought into this magic system. I really like the section on limits and also the trivia. It's fascinating it was made to purely show off!

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Your magic system is not that different conceptually from the one of my world, therefore obviously I like it. I like although the big difference: that is the link with the emotions, in my world emotion can be a limit for a magic-user, in your seems to be an enhancer.

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