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Come On Inn

Come On Inn, originally just known as 'Inn', was created by the Malheureux family on the first few months of the year 5000. It is located in the center of Bencana city and is also a popular tourism place.



The Malheureux moved to Bencana when the city had just been founded by other travelers like themselves, so they saw an opportunity to create history by building the first ever Inn there. Just planning it took around six months, and then they spent several more building it. The reason it took so long to even begin to be built was because not only did the family have quite a particular taste in architecture, but they also had a really bad luck. Just during the first weeks, their base drafts were stolen by a stray cat, and then the other ones were burnt by a baby dragon. They were also unlucky when it came to choosing the location, because most of the places in the original centre of the city were taken. However, once they finally opened up, it was a success. People from all over the world were visiting there, leaving nice reviews and complimenting the looks.


First few years

During the first 25 years, the owners were the heads of the family, Nicolau and Sadb. Avide had always been interested in opening up a business of his own, ambition which was shared by Veldedig, who had some experience in the field. They were both a successful couple. They were bilingual, though sharing only one common language, so they were able to talk to people from the other side of the planet without much trouble. Because they knew each other so well, and because their daughter was helping too, they brought a nice atmosphere to the place. Customers loved them, and so did everyone else in the city.   However, a few weeks after the 25th anniversary of the Inn, Nicolau started feeling ill and passed away no long after. Several people, including old and new clients, attended his funeral, and he was remembered as one of the founders of the first Inn on Bencana. Sadb could not administrate the Inn on her own, so she asked her only daughter, Sanem, to help her out.   Sadb's health slowly decayed after her husband's passing, and she herself died less than a decade later. She was burried next to him and both went on to become two of the city's most important people.



After their passing, Sanem managed to carry on with their legacy, and her children went on to become part of the staff and eventually owners of the Inn. Through arrangements the Malheureux family continued to successfully carry on with the business up until this very day. Even after hundreds of years, the peaceful atmosphere that the family was able to bring to that place remained unchanged, thus earning compliments.   For the 125th anniversary of the Inn, the city raised a statue made to resemble Nicolau. A few years later, a statue for Sadb was raised as well. They were both standing next to the front door so as to greet newcomers. Even though most people today don't know about them, the statues raised in their honor perfectly capture their essence, and tales of them are still being told to this day.  


Because the family had a reputation of having bad luck, they were also known for saying 'come on' a lot of the time whenever thigns didn't go their way, which was usual. It was commonplace to be near them and hear them say that phrase at least a couple of times within a minute. It was their catchphrase, some say, although the couple was constantly trying to find an excuse for it. However, this phrase was inevitably learned by their daughter. And her children, too. It became common in the family.   Naturally, the original tale was lost to time, and now some people think that the name is just a stupid pun. But the oldest citizens and clients know the truth.

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27 Nov, 2020 20:23

That's a brilliant origin story! Great response to the prompt :D

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