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CATatonic Overload

"They're gonna put you in a CATatonic state."
— The Meowb Boss
  This formation is a deadly formation that uses the power of thousands of cats to overwhelm their opponents. It's a giant surge of cats that's near impossible to fight off.   Since there is an overload of cats at your feet, you'll most likely not be able to move at all.



There's atleast 100 cats in this formation. The maximum for this is 1,000 cats.   If it's any more than 1,000, it becomes "It's Raining Cats".


They use their aberrations, as well as their cat-claws and teeth.   Sometimes they manage to get cat-sized exosuits.


There's a specific group that uses an alternate formation of "Cats & More Cats" that uses tiny cat motorcycles.


The Meowb Bosses are incharge, and there is at least one meowb boss for every two hundred cats.


The only tactic is to overwhelm their opponents with pawsome catness and power.


There is no training needed, besides the basic ability to fight. Almost any cat born on the streets or in the The Meowfia should be able to join in on this formation and help them win the fight.

Overall training Level
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