The 3rd Year of the 1799th Cycle of the Worlds

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Deep within the Royal Library in Zarashiro, the Arcanist’s College in Ivallion, and the Imperial Vaults at Nalbaran, the oldest records lie dusty and waiting. Within their pages remain the only hints at the origins and history of Alteia, tales of wars long past, heroes long dead, and Gods that walked the land now long gone from the world. A clever scholar seeking to glean knowledge might travel to these places, for knowing the past allows one to refrain from repeating it and Alteia is no stranger to catastrophe.

Every deep thinker ponders the origins of their existence, and the scholars and learned masters of cultures all across Alteia are no different. There are many stories of the creation of the peoples of Alteia but there is one point that is agreed upon by most: some of the races of Alteia are not native to the planet and appear suddenly in the historical record. The foremost of these are the Humans.

A land of crystals and catastrophe, wizards and warriors, dinosaurs and dragons, Alteia is a high magic, steampunk, sword and sorcery setting. Alteia is intended for use with the Dungeons and Dragons 5e Ruleset.

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