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His name breaks down into "Tořop" and "Dis" which means Warden of Precious Stones. He gained his name and mantle after the establishing of The Pantheon. He overseers treasure of the earth, such as precious metals and minerals, he's also the patron to miners.   During the dwarves journey across the ice bridge, from Kvenland to Ecíos they cried out to the Ðíos. Seeing the hardy and tough nature of the Dvergr, he granted them strength and will to complete their journey to their new home.

Divine Domains

  • Precious Stones and Mines
  • Patron Deity to the Dvergr

Divine Classification
Current Location
The Mines
The Mines
Year of Birth
-300000 (323441 years old)
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
The Pillar of the Earth
Other Affiliations

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Author's Notes

Reference: Dis Pater

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