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The Perfected Seraphim

The Sídhe are the perfected Seraphim, the third iteration of the race, which consists of both male and female genders. As the youngest of the Seraphim races, they were few during The First War; however, since then their numbers have grown greatly, becoming the most prevalent of the Seraphim.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

They are anthropomorphic, with two arms, two legs and an endoskeleton. Their skin is almost porcelain smooth with the epidermis and muscles forming soft but geometric features, giving the Sídhe a chiselled appearance. They are completely hairless, with the exception of the hair on the top of their heads. Their hair is typically very light, ranging from white to blondes and oranges.

Biological Traits

Males are often larger and stronger than females; however, females are more flexible and have stronger immune systems since they bear children.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce like most mammals do, with a gestation period of about three months. The Sídhe's genes are dominant within their racial group, meaning that any offspring between them and the Valkyrie or Soter will by Sídhe; however, between other races they'll be halfbreeds.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Sídhe have an incredibly fast early life cycle. They reach adolescence within five to six years and adulthood within ten to twelve. This is due to them being created for the purpose of war. Their old age is considered to be around the 800-year mark, at which point their skin turns more porous and they slowly discolour to splotchy black.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Sídhe are completely capable of surviving off of just meat, during the first war they were often sustained by the enemies they killed and the raw power that permeated the battlefield; however, since then they have had to utilise their omnivorous biology, resorting to hunting and farming.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

They have human features with a strong angular appearance and high cheekbones. Their eyes vary from dark bronze to vibrant gold, and they have elegant hornlike formation on their foreheads, ending along their hairline.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their primary senses are on par with most mortal races, with the addition of their mental link that allows them to communicate with each other over great distances.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Sídhe's names come from a simplified version of the Theoi language; however, since it's not a language they actively speak, their names are less complex than that of the Theoi often being one word.

Major Language Groups and Dialects


The Sídhe were Vol'Ðíos' and the Menaðíos' third attempt at creating a mortal race that can breed, an important factor since the mortal race needed to be able to replenish its ranks during the war. While they were created very close to the end of the First War, they still had a noticeable hand in aiding with the war's ultimate conclusion. At the start of the new era, they and their kin left seeking themselves a home, eventually ending up in Thule. Since then many have returned to Domus and settled a colony in the northern reaches by the nations of man.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Sídhe have little aversion towards the other mortal races and are often open to creating relations with them.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
1.8 - 1.9m
Average Weight
78 - 91kg
Average Physique
They typically have well-defined physiques with little fat deposits.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their skin is very pale, ranging from almost pure white to light beige, they also have subtle patterns along their faces and bodies, which can range from a dark bronze to vibrant gold.

Racial Group


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