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Of The Third Generation Of Theoi

The Ðíos are of the third generation of Theoi, the first gendered Theoi, and the central figures for much of the First War. The Ðíos are also the creators of The Pantheon and only they can hold seats within its ranks. They where the Celestials second attempt at creating life since they believed that they had failed with the Fosað.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

They have no set morphology and can change their form freely; however, many take on anthropomorphic forms.

Genetics and Reproduction

While they have gained the ability to reproduce like most mammals do, they usually craft their offspring by guiding souls to create new life.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

They have knowledge and wisdom far beyond any mortal races.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Ðíos are extremely powerful, allowing them to perceive nearly every area of the realm they currently inhabit, through sight, hearing, and even smell. Many of them also have unique extra sensory abilities such as prophetic sight, allowing them to look into possible futures.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Before the emergence of mortal races the Ðíos and other Theoi had no need for names or language; however, since then they have developed a basic tongue. Their names take the form of titles or embodiments of ideas and concepts. For example, the name of Celestial known as Coðos means the embodiment of balance, "Coð" meaning balance and the suffix "os" meaning embodiment.

Major Organizations

The Pantheon


The first Ðíos were created around the year -400000; however, most came into existence around -300000. It didn't take long for the Ðíos to go to war with one another, they were the most numerous of the Theoi, and like children, they fought over anything they wanted. This conflict became known as the First War and since then they chose to fight through pawns and subterfuge. The actions of the Ðíos during the First War lead them to be imprisoned in the Astral Plane by the Celestial Domos, who saw that their conflict had the potential to tear Altûŕ apart. By the end of the First War most of the Ðíos had learnt that a balance was necessary, and so they created The Pantheon. Since then, various Ðíos have had a hand in creating many of the mortal races that now roam through Altûŕ, and they continue to guide the history of Altûŕ through their followers.

Historical Figures

Val'Kín Vol'Ðíos Dom'Mořn Hað'Sin Toř'Ðæ Eon'Mořn Toř'Anwe Vosílû Phesoŕ Fossaŕ Íosgeoŕ Rílos Palos Æsðeoŕ Tař'Palenŕ Cerûnin Fasēðos Filkařin Eon'Hel Toř'Balfasin Val'Ómořn Aíros Èalos Hoð'Raklû Toř'Dis Tař'Ívē Toř'Pría Æðŕos Esnkoŕ Baŕlgeoŕ Wor'Heřc Val'Íchor Ûnað'Enē Toř'Phæn Lûcgeoŕ Eonoðos Eon'Ařk Hoð'Ařk Osŕicoŕ Tař'Mían Phobos Křatos Kínos Tař'Taðûŕ Toř'Och Toř'Ech Přío'Tûoŕ Tař'Æðoch Pícoin

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Ðíos have little aversion towards the other Theoi and mortal creatures and interact with them as they wish.


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