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The Progenitor Race of Men and Dwarves.

One of the first mortal races, they fought with The Pantheon to establish order. They are strong and tough, mostly due to the fact that they're the only race incapable of magic; however, they do have immunity to all forms of magic and because of this, they're highly resistant to the natural order of the world. Since they were formed from Primordial Iron they also have mastery over it, being able to manipulate its magnetic-like field, making them the only race capable of forging it into weapons and armour.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

They are anthropomorphic, with two arms, two legs and an endoskeleton. They have very thick skin with dense organs, bones and muscles making them stronger, tougher and heavier than they appear. Otherwise, they appear as tall humans.

Biological Traits

The males are typically larger than the females, the main difference; however, is the fact that males can produce half-breeds with other races, while females can only produce pureblood Nemedians. Females are also more flexible.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce as most mammals do, with a gestation period of 3 months; however, women give birth to stillborn babies made of Primordial Iron as the original Nemdians. A baby only comes to life when possessed by a Nemedian soul, meaning that a Nemedian must die before a new one can have life.

Growth Rate & Stages

They reach full adulthood within a year; however, they physically stop ageing around the age of 100 at which point they simply live until they are killed, or they pass their soul onto a baby.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Their bodies metabolize the ambient energy in the air, making the need for food unnecessary; however, they are can extract a greater amount of energy out of physical substances, so they often eat when they need to exert themselves for an extended period or if they need to heal from a physical wound. Typically their diet is omnivorous.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

They have strong human features with bright eyes and diverse hair colour.

Average Intelligence

They are of average intelligence; however, they maintain the knowledge and experience of their soul's previous lives, giving them ever-increasing wisdom and knowledge.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their primary senses are on par with most mortal races; however, they also have the ability to view the world around them free from physical constraints, essentially allowing them to see in any light conditions, as well as perceive the world through objects and in 360.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Nemedians' names are based in their native language of Emelenic.

Major Language Groups and Dialects


The first were born from a shard of primordial iron overwhelmed by souls, cleansed of magic by Óíchoros. Each birth whittled the shard down until it was depleted, but by then their number was great enough to sustain itself. The Nemedians had an instrumental part in The First War, they were capable of withstanding the overwhelming magic of enemy Menaðíos and their powerful physiques allowed them to cut down hoards of Makhai. After order had been established, and the war ended, the Nemedians began to settle and start simpler lives. They settled in a northern region of Kvenland, the easternmost taiga, they called this land Emelentis. Some Nemedians had relationships with the Menaðíos who found themselves impressed with the Nemedians' ability to stand against beings as powerful as them. From these relationships half-breeds were born; however, they were not powerful Nephilim. Instead, they were a weaker mortal race referred to as Fir Bolg, capable of magic and great potential; unfortunately, these Fir Bolg eventually died off as their ancestors formed the human and dwarf races.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Nemedians have little aversion towards the other mortal races; however, with the exception of their Tuatha allies, they tend to maintain their distance, keeping to themselves. Because of this separation, most other races don't trust them.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Average Height
7'0" - 8'0"
Average Weight
180kg - 230kg
Average Physique
Due to their physiology, they are incapable of producing a great deal of fat and therefore appear very muscular and chiselled.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Due to great genetic diversity, their skin colour can range from pale white to almost pitch black.
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Author's Notes

Reference: The Nemedians are roughly based off of and inspired by the mythological Irish race of the same name.

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