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Lady of Curses (a.k.a. Lucana Hain)

Her name breaks down into "Haðel" and "Sin" which means Mistress of Curses. She gained her name and mantle after the establishing of The Pantheon. She developed the magic techniques used with curses, she is also charged with punishing certain spirits in Hel.

Divine Domains


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hað'Sin is believed to be behind or at the very least involved with the creation and emergence of all curses within Altûŕ. Since she developed the techniques used for curses shes is indirectly responsible for all curses; however, her involvement is believed to go further than simply being the originator.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Under the guise of a Cögálfar woman named Lucana Hain she manipulated the work of a group of scholars to create the Vampirism curse.

Morality & Philosophy

Like many of Theoi who are lesser than the Celestials, Hað'Sin treats the universe like a playground. While careful not to challenge the The Pantheon she still conflicts with Tař'Mían since they often have opposing intents.

Divine Classification
Current Location
Pit of Pain
Year of Birth
-300000 (323441 years old)
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
The Pillar of Hel
Other Affiliations

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Author's Notes

Reference: Arae

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