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Berlin Syndicate

The Berlin Syndicate is the inofficial name of a loose alliance of criminal and semi-legel organizations, consisting primarily of street merc teams, gangs, and smaller crime outfits.   Founded in the last years of World War III, the Syndicate originally modeled itself on the merc alliance created by Condor in Paris some years earlier.   After the war, their focus shifted from mutual aid, cooperation, and resistance against enemy forces to something more commercially oriented. They still share intel, resources and even people as needed, and provide safehouses for members on the run from the law and non-Syndicate organizations, but operate a lot more like a regular organized crime group.   Major areas of cooperation include weapons and drug trafficking, organ and cyberware trafficking, fencing of stolen goods, and various forms of cybercrime.  

The Rules

The Syndicate's origin as a street merc alliance is still visible to this day in its rules. Breaching them easily gets a member organization punished and kicked out.   There are a few common fields regular organized crime likes to dabble in that the Syndicate does not tolerate, including human trafficking, identity theft and fraud against regular people, and various crimes against humanity.   There is an exemption of sorts to that rule, as corporations and those with millions of Euros (or equivalent financial assets) to their name are valid targets for fraud in the name of "resource redistribution". Murder is frowned upon, while contract killings of rival criminals are entirely acceptable, as is, of course, killing in self-defense.   The questionable morality of those rules is lost on nobody but the most naïve.  

Member Organizations

  1. Bashir's Mercs, Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow
  2. Bullet's Gang, Moabit, Mitte
  3. Catboy's Mercs, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
  4. Dieudonné's Mercs, Schöneberg, Tempelhof-Schöneberg
  5. Herja's Gang, Alt-Hohenschönhausen, Lichtenberg
  6. Krähe's Mercs, Marzahn, Marzahn-Hellersdorf
  7. Mandragora Crew, Wedding, Mitte
  8. Meathook's Gang, Britz, Neukölln
  9. Siemensstadt Cartel, Siemensstadt, Spandau
  10. Tiny's Gang, Gesundbrunnen, Mitte
  11. Treptower Cartel, Treptow, Treptow-Köpenick
  12. Viorica's Mercs, Dahlem, Steglitz-Zehlendorf

Relationship with other Organizations

Founding Date
Illicit, Syndicate
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
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