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Allentown, IN

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Middle American Town is middling in more ways than one. Middling in population, in attractions, in geography. A typical Rust Belt town, it suffers from high unemployment, illiteracy, decaying infrastructure, and poor education. Many homes are abandoned or unoccupied. Middle American Town is a town on the decline, and it would mean nothing to you were it not your home. Growing up, everyone seemed to make the town more than it really was. Half the abandoned homes were haunted. There were monsters that'd stalk anyone who walked under a certain bridge at sundown, but they'd shatter into glass if you looked straight at them. There was even a serial killer who'd kill any kid who played a certain game at the arcade, which by the way only stayed open into the 2010s thanks to generous donations from the killer's family, who'd been steel barons in the '50s. It was all bullshit, though. Middle American Town has been a painfully average hellscape of Americana since well before you were born. When the steel mills left, the money went with them. Those who'd had any sort of power held onto all of it they could, letting crumbs trickle down to the dispossessed wage slaves fresh out of work. An increasingly militarized police force maintains the status quo. Middle American Town is a place everyone talks about leaving, but no one ever seems to manage it. Whatever you've made of yourself, the town still has its hooks in you.