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Seleria Goddess of knowledge

Guardian of knowledge and protector of scholars and wizards, Seleria is somewhat of a pariah in the Numerian pantheon. Because of her association with arcane magic her clerics are usually viewed with suspicion, because of this many of her followers are found outside of the kingdom and only the most devoted clerics to the goddess remain within Numeria.

Divine Domains

Seleria is the goddess of knowledge and secrets. She is also the honored patron of scholars and wizards

Holy Books & Codes

Most books are attributed to Seleria, at least in an honorary role. Spell tomes are considered especially sacred to Seleria

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Seleria is represented by a book with an eye emblazoned on the cover

Tenets of Faith

Those who pledge fealty to Seleria dedicate themselves to the pursuit and preservation of knowledge.


The day of Candlelight, The fourth day of Divine Contemplation (day of understanding)

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Seleria wants nothing more than to guide the mortal races on a journey of learning and discovery

Divine Classification
The Church of Divine Contemplation

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