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Rondra is the head of the Twelve-Gods Pantheon and the creator of humans. He was the first unofficial king of humans and founded the royal bloodline. He ascended to the god of the sun and the law and is one of the most commonly worshipped dieties in Alendia.  


Rondra is often depictured as a paladin with blonde hair. The sword counts as his weapon of choice, and the lion is his spirit animal. Humans generally depicture Rondra as a human. However, some elves claim Rondra to be an elf due to his incredibly long lifespan. In some churches in Durarin, images are showing Rondra as an elf.
Rondra's most common character traits are strong, righteous, loyal, powerful, protective, and sometimes even almighty.  


For a detailed version of Rondra's biography click here.


Rondra was born at 1st of Rondra 9939 b. BF, also known as 1st of Rondra 0 TG in the old calendar of Rondra. He grew up in noble conditions and spends most of his time in a temple of Lathander, looking to become a paladin. In 9907 b. BF, he indeed becomes a paladin, but serves Tyr instead, finding this god more fitting for himself.
Rondra attempts journeys over 40 years, questing for power and strength, visiting The Pale Tree, the Mahlstrom, and other places in Durarin, Lusitania, and Tiakis. His journey ends in the Mitractulum, where he meets Yaldin, which results in both of them going on monster hunts. In the next 45 years, Rondra slays many mythical, legendary monsters, for example, the Lindworm of Ganager, the aboleth of Durarin, and the Hythonia of Tiakis. Due to the loss of a friend, Rondra quits his monster hunts in 9826 b. BF.
Rondra creates the humans in 9819 b. BF and helps them to settle in Ephea and defend themselves from the orcs. The humans quickly expanded, crowning Rondra as leader and king of the rising empire. In 9766 b. BF, Rondra declares war on the orcs and participates in 9737 b. BF in the 20 year-long first holy expedition against the orcs. Throughout the years, Rondra meets eleven of the Twelve-Gods and the Nameless, forming The Divine Four together with Gwenth, Ker, and Talvin.
In 9460 b. BF he marries Turis, which later in 9323 b. BF gave birth to Secular, Rondra's first son and heir. With that, he retires from the war front and focuses on administrative and governmental issues. In 9141 b. BF, he leads the second holy expedition against the orcs for eleven years and gathers seven powerful wizards, founding 'The Circle of Justice'. Together with The Circle of Justice, Ker, and soldiers from the military, Rondra hunts down The Nameless from 9130-9057 b. BF, eventually banishing him from the material plane.
After almost 900 years from his birth, Rondra dies on the 14th of Ker 9054 b. BF. After his death, the humans ascended him to a god, setting the first foundation stone for the Pantheon of the Twelve-Gods.  

The church of the sun

The church of the sun, also called the church of Rondra, is the highest, most powerful church in Alendia. It has its own private army, called 'Rondra's Watch', which has the task to ensure security around Rondra's churches and other related sacred places. Additionally, they are obliged to hunt down and shatter The Dark church. The seat of the church of the sun is in Lusitania, namely in Rondrarien. After the theft and recovery of Rondra's journals in 4359-4341 b. BF, the church of the sun was worried about the rogue guild and changed their seat from Lionstone to Rondrarien. The church of the sun possesses many artifacts of Rondra and other dieties, for example, Rondra's journals, Rawanda, and Alengard.
The religious symbol of Rondra
It shows an eye and the sun looking
and shining down on Alendia.  




Towards Turis




Towards Rondra


The typical depicture of Rondra: A blonde man in heavy plate armor. Often his armor is decorated with a lion.
Name: Rondra
Aliases: The Sun, Justice, The Creator
Sex: Male
Race: Human, Elf, God
Alignment: Lawful Good
Arrival: 1st of Rondra 9939 b. BF
Status: Ascended to the gods
Death: 14th of Ker 9054 b. BF
Spirit animal: Lion, Griffin
Legendary artifacts: Rondra's Journals, Rawanda - Light's Justice
Turis (spouse)

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... 9933 b BF

  • 9939 b BF


    Rondra's Arrival
    Life, Birth

    On 1st of Rondra 9939 b. BF (or 1st of Rondra 0 TG) Rondra was born, probably in Durarin. The names of his parents are unknown because Rondra only refers to them as 'parents', 'father', or 'mother' in his journals. However, many people believe, that his birth was a celestial process, Rondra being a creation of the gods of the old pantheon.

Early life

9932 b BF 9907 b BF

This section covers the events in Rondra's life of him being 7-32 years old. Thanks to his journals there are a lot of detailed (and over-detailed) reports of his training.

  • 9932 b BF

    9907 b BF

    Life, Education

    Rondra starts his education at 7 years. He visits multiple temples, eventually deciding to join the temple of Lathander, striving to become a paladin. Rondra describes the lectures and lessons very precisely in his journals, involving physical, religious, and strategical education. It turns out, that Rondra took much more time than usual aspiring paladins to conclude his education. He studied every detail about the gods of the old pantheon, trained with and against every weapon, and gathered general knowledge about the current standings in Alendia. This eventually led to Rondra switching the diety, finding Tyr much more fitting for his goals and purposes. However, he never parted with the aspect of the sun. With 32 years he swears a holy oath to Tyr to serve as a paladin to spread justice and safety.
    Apart from that Rondra mentioned his enthusiasm for lions and other lion-like creatures like griffins and demi griffins already very early.

Questing for Strength

9906 b BF 9866 b BF

Despite his sworn oath and decades of education, Rondra doesn't feel suited to achieve his goals. Therefore he starts a great quest, looking for places of power in Alendia.

  • 9906 b BF

    Visiting the Pale Tree
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    Rondra's first destination is The Pale Tree, the biggest source of magical power. To his luck, The Mother grants him entrance, seeing him as a chosen one. However, Rondra mentions in his journals, that he obligated himself to maintain confidentiality, and therefore the process of his visit isn't written down. Rondra describes this station as eye-opening.

  • 9904 b BF

    9899 b BF

    A force in the south

    Rondra senses a strong force coming from the south without being able to identify its nature and source. This leads him to the south, where he eventually ends up in Lusitania. Rondra discovers many different sentient races, most of them living in the wilderness, and learns more about their beliefs in supernatural forces. His expedition continues further to the south, ending in the desert of Lusitania, discovering powerful magical creatures like djinns. However, Rondra mentions in his journals that he feels the initial force further beyond the desert and the mountains, but couldn't continue his journey because he couldn't stand the hot, dry climate and therefore returned to Durarin.

  • 9894 b BF

    Visiting the Drow
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Despite the Mahlstrom being controlled by the Drow, Rondra wanted to see it at any cost, since it was the second major center of magical power. Due to the hostility of the Drow, it turned out that visiting this place was almost impossible. However, Rondra mentions, that he eventually arrived at the Mahlstrom in 8994 b. BF. It is unknown how he convinced the Drow to let him pass because the pages of his journal covering that issue have been removed or destroyed. Rondra describes this visit as a literal mishap and confusion. Some people suspect Rondra's visit being an important reason, if not even the trigger for the First Throne War of Drows.

  • 9893 b BF

    9870 b BF

    Further expeditions

    Frustrated by his inability to cross the desert and mountains of Lusitania, Rondra attempts further expeditions to the south, trying to get used to the higher temperatures. He mentions 'a call' coming from the west on one evening and for some reason, this call caught his attention, that he decided to cross the wild ocean. As he arrives in Tiakis, Rondra describes that crossing as a foolish decision, his ship being more than once on the edge of sinking, devoured by the wild waves of the ocean. Only luck or a blessing allowed him to survive this journey.
    Rondra suspects, that the call he sensed came from The Crystal and therefore explored the continent of Tiakis even further. Meeting the Dragonborn reminds him of discipline and strength, resulting in phases of abstention and self-torture. The most popular phase is the so-called "dry days", 30 days of enduring the pain of the dry desert in Tiakis without food, water, and company.
    In his journals, Rondra mentions the discovery of many interesting potentially powerful places but doesn't name them to protect these places from falling into false hands. Only Tiakis is described as the "womb of elementary power".

  • 9866 b BF

    Meeting Yaldin

    Rondra's journeys and expeditions eventually lead him to the Mitractulum, guided by another strong force. This time this power doesn't radiate from a special location, but much more from a creature. He meets Yaldin and both create a bond with each other, a fraternity. Rondra joins Yaldin's journey, who was about to travel to Ephea.

Rondra's monster hunt adventures

9865 b BF 9820 b BF

Arriving in Ephea with Yaldin, Rondra finally stays true to his oath and attempts to help the people he finds on the chaotic continent, plagued by monsters, abominations, and orcs. Most of the time Rondra and Yaldin fight out little skirmishes with orcs to secure minor settlements of the elves in Ephea. However, this era covers the epic adventures of Rondra fighting monsters in Alendia.

  • 9862 b BF

    Lindworm of Ganager
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    The Lindworm of Ganager was the first monster slain by Rondra and Yaldin together. It is not quite clear what exactly this creature was but in Rondra's journals and many stories, it is depicted as either a wyrm, dragon, or giant worm, plaguing the lands around Ganager. It was most likely a servant of The Fire, let loose to cause chaos and mayhem in Ephea.

  • 9855 b BF

    The pack of Nornuria
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    The pack of Nornuria, earlier just known as the wolfpack of the north, was a pack of wolves, werewolves, and other wolf-like creatures, roaming through the northern parts of Ephea, especially the peninsula, which is nowadays claimed by the Nornurii. It was a major threat for elves and dwarves living in these lands. Rondra and Yaldin therefore heard their call for help and hunted down the pack.

  • 9850 b BF

    The aboleth of Durarin
    Life, Milestone

    Rondra receives a cry for help from one of his former teachers. There were rumors about the land being cursed by the Drow. Although Rondra didn't want to get involved in the war with the Drow because of earlier occurrences, he and Yaldin sailed to Durarin to banish the curse from these lands. They discovered that the source of the curse was an aboleth living and hiding in a lake. By slaying this creature, Rondra increased his reputation among the elves by a lot, yet still he returned to the chaotic lands of Ephea.

  • 9849 b BF

    The manticore of the stonerock mountains
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Despite his quick return and lack of time of preparation, Rondra engaged right into the next monster hunt. Rumors about a manticore in the mountains attacked caravans of the dwarves. Compared to the aboleth, the manticore was easy to track down and although Yaldin warned Rondra, telling him, that they need more time to plan and prepare for the hunt, Rondra used the first opportunity to strike down the beast. Yaldin was right and Rondra got severely injured and poisoned by the manticore.

  • 9848 b BF

    9838 b BF


    Because of the injuries and especially the poisoning from the manticore, Rondra needed years to recover from his injuries. Yaldin returned to the Mitractulum, deepening his studies about magic, and leaves Rondra to a close friend of him, called Aedan Cáel, a talented priest and warrior. Aedan nursed Rondra, resulting in a very strong friendship.

  • 9837 b BF

    9835 b BF

    Ygramul and the Witch of the wooden Shack
    Life, Supernatural

    Recovered from his wounds, Rondra heads out to fight a new threat in the north. Rumors about a gigantic spider terrorizing cities, tunnels, and caves of the dwarves reached him. Since Yaldin returned to the Mitractulum, Rondra instead decided to attempt this hunt on his own. He was able to make out the hiding spot of the beast, however, he was trapped by it in its sticky nets and dragged into a deep, dark cave of Ygramul. Rondra was able to defend himself, so Ygramul had to leave him in the net until he fell asleep or died from dehydration. To Rondra's luck all that was seen by another person. Rondra does not assign any name to her and just calls her 'The witch from the wooden shack'. She followed the spider into the cave and trapped it with eight powerful sigils. Offering Rondra to free him from the net, she demanded a high reward: powerful magic. But the woman overstepped the deal, wanting even more after getting her wishes granted. Rondra cursed her after getting out of the net for her greed. (For details look up the article about the Witch from the wooden shack. [WIP]) 
    The story about the witch has not entirely been covered in Rondra's journals, however, there are many myths and legends about that issue. Rondra returned to Aedan, realizing he was poisoned by Ygramul and had to recover once more.

  • 9826 b BF

    The Hythonia of Tiakis
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    After recovering, Rondra looked out to slay more monsters and abominations. Since Yaldin was still busy with his studies and Rondra didn't want to risk going alone on the next hunt again, he instead chose Aedran as his companion. In 9826 b. BF, they heard about a Hythonia, a large medusa terrorizing villages in Tiakis. Rondra saw this as a chance to redeem himself for the last two big mistakes. However, once more he engaged in the fight way too early. The Hythonia was slain, but during the fight Aedan was petrified. The loss of his friend caused Rondra to quit his monster hunts.


9820 b BF 9738 b BF

  • 9819 b BF

    Birth of humans

    In 9819 b. BF, humans appear in Ephea. It is said, that they are Rondra's creations, although he does not mention creation in his journals. However, Rondra is a guiding force in the growth and security of the human race. They settle on the western coast of Ephea, in Lionstone and quickly start to expand, defending the assaults from the orcs. Rondra's true intention behind the creation of humans might be putting up his own army to fight the orcs.

  • 9815 b BF

    Yaldin's Farewell
    Life, Relationship change

    Seeing how things develop in Ephea, Yaldin parts with Rondra, not willing to lead humans in an open war with the orcs. He disapproved of Rondra's alliance with the humans and once again warned him of possible terrible outcomes. Rondra, however, does not part with humans and rather helps them develop even faster.

  • 9805 b BF

    The Mitractulum Kraken
    Military action

    Rondra hears a call for help. A powerful, destructive creature, a Kraken arrived on the coasts of the Mitractulum and terrorizes the lands and the sea. Despite Yaldin's farewell, Rondra sails over to the Mitractulum with a big group of human soldiers to fight the beast and convince Yaldin of the human's kindness. The Kraken was slain, but Yaldin still doesn't approve of the humans.

  • 9766 b BF

    The orc war
    Political event

    After enough preparation and education, Rondra officially declares war on the orcs. This resulted in a union of many orc tribes, finding a common foe in the humans. Rondra himself acts as the highest general of his armies. The modern structure, disciplined fighting style, and enhanced technology allowed Rondra and the humans to achieve major big victories, claiming a lot of territory around Lionstone.

  • 9739 b BF

    Life, Milestone

    The humans decide to crown Rondra as their king. However, due to the lack of governmental structures, Rondra doesn't see himself as king but rather as some kind of a leader. He rejects the title, which didn't prevent the humans from honoring and worshipping him. Only many years later, in 9323 b. BF, Rondra accepts the title 'King'.

Rise of an emperor

9737 b BF 9054 b BF

  • 9737 b BF

    9707 b BF

    The first holy expedition
    Military action

    Rondra assigns thousands, maybe even tens of thousands trained and educated soldiers to a group called 'The holy expedition' with the goal to conquer major parts of Ephea from the orcs. The morale of the army was outstanding, not just getting the blessings of the old gods, but also having a clear motivation to fight against the hated foe of the orcs for justice and vengeance. Because of years of preparation, the technological advantage, and the modern structured appearance on the battlefield, the army is able to push the orcs back quickly, claiming major parts of south-eastern Ephea and advances further to the west. After 30 years of war, they reach the highlands in the west, unable to make further progress, so they settle there, constructing huge fortification systems like the Black Fortress and Feuerfels, which shall serve as outstanding defensive points.

    Additional timelines
  • 9737 b BF

    Meeting Gwenth

    Rondra meets Gwenth, a general of an important small unit. He senses a powerful aura surrounding her and therefore keeps an eye on Gwenth.

  • 9735 b BF

    Meeting Ker

    The details about Rondra's and Ker's meeting are uncertain. He mentions to Ker in his journals, that she joined him not just as a soldier but rather as a personal assistant in the war against the orcs. She counts as his second ally in the fight against orcs (after Gwenth) and she did not part with Rondra until the end of his life.

  • 9729 b BF

    9701 b BF

    The 28 glorious years of the divine Four
    Life, Identity

    Rondra leaves the warfare to his generals. Together with Gwenth, Ker, and Talvin he heads out to fight over certain key positions against the orcs, complete important tasks to speed up the expansion of the humans. Later this group got the name 'The divine Four', a name for an elite task force, which was one of the main reasons for the human's fast advance and success in battle.

  • 9729 b BF

    Meeting Talvin

    Expanding to the west, Rondra hears about an ogre terrorizing the nearby lands. Accompanied by Gwenth and Ker, he heads out to hunt down this beast in an upcoming gush of nostalgia. But this time he wasn't the only one looking to slay the beast. A hunter, named Talvin tracked down the ogre and together with Rondra, Gwenth, and Ker, they killed it. Talvin joins the group, completing the quartet, which later was the foundation of the Four Quarter Pantheon.

  • 9717 b BF

    Rondra's Ascension
    Religious event

    Because of the outstanding achievements of Rondra, the successful ongoing war against the orcs, the conquest of Ephea, the growth of the human empire, and the great adventures and monster hunts, the humans start to see Rondra not just as a creator and leader, but as a godly being and savior. Although Rondra does not accept the title of a god, the humans see him as such, treating him as a chosen of the gods.

    Additional timelines
  • 9701 b BF

    Talvin's Farewell
    Life, Relationship change

    Talvin leaves the divine Four and follows a call from the north. Despite it being hard for Rondra to part with his friend, he understands his reasoning, having sensed such calls in his past already too. With that, Rondra, Gwenth, and Ker look for someone to replace Talvin.

  • 9699 b BF

    Meeting Phex

    After trying out multiple different candidates for Talvin's spot, Rondra meets with Phex. He describes him as powerful, and worthy, but also as chaotic and not serious enough. Phex joins the group but after just a year of fighting against orcs, they have to part again. As Rondra suspected, Phex didn't fit the group, having trouble following Rondra's plans or orders.

  • 9660 b BF

    Gwenth's Farewell
    Life, Relationship change

    Being unable to find a fitting person replacing Talvin, Gwenth eventually parts with Rondra as well. She goes to the north, hearing a call coming from the dwarves. With that, the Divine Four eventually disband. Just Ker didn't part with Rondra. However, Rondra stayed in contact with Gwenth, preserving their friendship.

  • 9658 b BF

    Meeting Melandru

    With the Divine Four resolving, Rondra returns to old habits, trying to discover more power in Alendia. He returns to Durarin and tries to enter the Pale Tree once more. But this time The Mother doesn't grant him access anymore. On his journey, Rondra meets a Melandru, a priestess and druid in Durarin. For a brief moment, he considered rebuilding the Divine Four, but Melandru denied his request, arguing that her place was in Durarin to help and protect the elves.

  • 9647 b BF

    Meeting the Nameless

    Rondra is tracked down by The Nameless. He was looking for Rondra because he stated, that Rondra mistreated his brother and swore him to destroy everything important to Rondra. This resulted in an immediate hostility between Rondra and The Nameless.

  • 9571 b BF

    Meeting Gruxva

    Rondra describes Gruxva as one of the most clever and skillful persons he ever met. Gruxva was a driving force, accelerating the advance of technology for citizens and the military. She applied for a meeting with Rondra to provide her services, resulting in her claiming the leading spot for technology and research.

  • 9461 b BF

    Meeting Turis

    In all his life of fighting and justice, Rondra didn't experience a partner, or at least he doesn't mention it in his journals. Only in 9461 b. BF, one could somehow realize a swing in his writings. When his reports were mostly professional and sober, he started to write about his feelings, mentioning Turis on almost every following page. These parts of his journal later have been shortened by the church of the sun.

  • 9460 b BF


    One year after meeting Turis, Rondra marries her. With that, he officially retires from the war and other dangerous tasks and focuses on structuring the government of humans

  • 9323 b BF

    Life, Identity

    In 9323 b. BF, Turis gives birth to Secular, first son, and heir of Rondra. With that Rondra eventually accepted the title of a 'king', having the heritage ensured and the structures of a monarchy formed. He focused on inner political issues and administrations, just like the strengthening of the alliances with dwarves and elves, but stayed away from the war front in the west.

  • 9253 b BF

    Meeting Fjorm

    During one of his journeys to the dwarves in the northwest, Rondra finds Fjorm. Fjorm saw himself just like a normal smith, but Rondra describes him as a potentially powerful creature, hiring him to reinforce the steel of the weapons and armor of the human soldiers. Fjorm quickly gained a reputation and rose to one of the most important smiths of the human Empire. Fjorm smiths Rawanda, the legendary sword of Rondra.

  • 9141 b BF

    9130 b BF

    The second holy expedition
    Military action

    For the last time, Rondra leaves the throne and joins the humans in a battle against the orcs. Declaring the second holy expedition, he wanted to set an end to the cruelty of the orcs. However, the Empire wasn't able to cross river Notolon and Rondra was forced by the dwarves to end the conquest, threatened to break the alliance if the humans advance further.

  • 9130 b BF

    9057 b BF

    Hunting the Nameless
    Life, Milestone

    Instead of returning to the throne, Rondra dedicates himself to hunt down The Nameless. Accompanied by Ker and seven powerful wizards, the so-called 'Circle of Justice', and a few soldiers from the military, Rondra starts tracking down his archfoe. In 9057 b. BF, they finally managed to hunt him down and banish The Nameless from the material plane. Rondra returns to Lionstone, exhausted and drained, preparing for the final years of his life.

  • 9054 b BF


    Death and Ascension
    Life, Death

    After almost 900 years, Rondra feels his time has come. Surrounded by many friends and his family on his deathbed, he meets with the eleventh of the Twelve-Gods, namely Saytho. She was the priestess giving him the last pointing before his death.
    Since Rondra always neglected the title of a god, the humans (now under the lead of Rondra's son Secular) raise him to a divine creature. Rondra ascends to a god, setting the foundation stone for the Pantheon of the Twelve-Gods.


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