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My First World. Fantasy world full of diverse nations and cultures, with a soft magic system, where the gods themselves used to rule but have now left the assorted nations to their own devices.   The known world consists of Anhara, a land of silver-tongued politicians and noble houses, with a distinct divide between urban and rural houses and cultures.   al-Tahat, a desert nation of tribes, oasis cities, and ancient structures buried beneath the sand, bonded together through a loose fealty to a weak national government.   Panag Rho, a dense jungle full of wild and mysterious flora and fauna, where the laws of nature themselves seem to have gone wonky. Its residents are often fanatics, deeply dedicated to their goddess, and ready to wage war against the heretics of Anhara.   The Litoric Islands, more a navy with a state than a state with a navy, this is an archipelago of somewhat autonomous city-states ruled by the Princes at Port, but united under the control of their national government, the Admiralty Board.   The Northern Tribes of the Boreal North, where threats come both from the Litoric Islands to the south, the dangerous creatures dwelling amongst the icy sea to the north, and the weather itself.