Lizdah Deities

20th of Overlight, AE 721  
This temporary article serves as a reference list of all Lizdah deities mentioned in other articles; more comprehensive articles will come later on or as needed.
The Lizdah deities are the pantheon of deities which preceded the Ayadane pantheon. As they are the most recently ended pantheon, there is more information available about them than prior pantheons, but there is still much that is being pieced together about their early years. Very few are still alive in the modern era who are old enough to remember them towards the end, but most describe them as petty and wrathful, beings worshipped only out fear and a desire to not incur their anger.  

List of deities:



  Deity of the sun, leader of Lizdah pantheon, had a male humanoid form with a glowing fissure running down the center of his chest, was romantically linked with Ruham  


  Deity of art, often depicted as a marble statue, his tiefling and aasimar descendants were known to have similar marble-like features.  


  Deity of trickery and deceit  


  Deity of natural disasters, an enormous snake capable of burrowing through the earth, said to have caused earthquakes when it moved  


  Deity of the stars, seems to have been a relatively minor deity, little is known about them.  


  Deity of nature  


  Deity of insects, was romantically linked with Féngos

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