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Coral King Nora Violet

Nora Violet, or commonly known as Coral King, or simply Violet, was a legendary pirate king that ruled the Crimson Sea. Even though her title was "King," Violet was a female.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a pirate mother and father, Violet spent her whole life in open seas. Said to master the knife before she can even walk, she quickly learned the ways of the sea and the life of a pirate.   She lost both of her parents during an attack to their ship when she was only 14 years old. She, however, snuck onto the enemy ship and used the Red Ash inside it to blow the whole ship up. She ran away from the ship before the explosion by taking the emergency boat at the back of the ship, and even took some Red Ash barrels with herself. After paddling for 3 days straight, eating and drinking only the thing she could snack away from the ship, she arrived at Amaranthis.   Before she even filled her stomach, she tried to sell the Red Ashes he got from the ship. Even though she was only 14 years old and many pirates didn't take her seriously, she convinced a lot of drug addict lowlifes and sold Red Ash to them to make a some small money for herself.   However, her selling Red Ash in Amaranthis got quickly noticed by the underground organizations, and she was beaten to near death in an isolated alley. Gangs stole all of her Red Ash and money, leaving her with completely nothing.   After this incident, Violet started to gather information on the gang that stole her Ash. She quickly found out that the gangs name was Crimson Sail, and they were one of the biggest pirate group that smuggled Red Ash throughout the Crimson Sea. After a few months of preparation, Violet gathered a group of lowlifes that she previously sold Red Ash for, and located few of Crimson Sail's ships. They organized a simultaneous night attack on nearly a dozen of Crimson Sail ships and set all of them to fire. Violet herself stole the biggest ship of Crimson Sail's, The Vortex, and run away from the city with her group.   The years after, Violet created a huge pirate fleet and became one of the most fearful pirate of her time. She settled into The Reef, a coral reef that even the best sailors feared to approach. She founded Violet Concord of the Reef, a de facto state that nobody recognized, but feared by everyone. Under her leadership, Violet Concord plundered the coastal cities of Clarus Republic, The Confederacy, and even Anethia.   She was killed by her arch enemy, Zambak in 889 P.S, who claimed the throne of Violet Concord.
Date of Birth
829 P.S
Date of Death
889 P.S
829 PS 889 PS 60 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Zambak Ayazgöz in the Coral Throne
Long, dyed to purple. Left side of her head is shaved.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, a bit grey
2.15 cm

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